Maximum number of audio tracks on Movie Studio 17 Platinum

MARCIO-CRUVINEL wrote on 7/20/2020, 3:09 PM

Hi, everybody. I need to know what is the maximum number of audio tracks I can open on VEGAS Movie Studio 17.

On my old Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 I could open only 10 tracks. And that's not enough for me anymore.

That's a key question to decide on upgrading to VEGAS Movie Studio 17! Thanks!


Marco. wrote on 7/20/2020, 3:15 PM

In Movie Studio 17 Platinum it's more than 1000 audio tracks.

I just checked it and stopped creating audio tracks at # 1014.

vkmast wrote on 7/21/2020, 3:52 AM

If you upgrade, consider only at least the Platinum version.


MARCIO-CRUVINEL wrote on 7/23/2020, 1:16 PM

Oh, thanx a lot, Marco and vkmast!! Duly updated!