vkmast wrote on 10/14/2019, 2:27 AM

As Eric says. See also that you are not mixing MS and MSP versions.¹

From Support form "suggestions for possible answers":

"Troubleshooting "Error code -14": You successfully installed your software, but you still receive the message "Error code -14" when you try to register it. To solve your problem, first check the indicated serial number for typos. In case you purchased several applications at the same time. Please check if you were using the serial number matching to the program. Various retailers distribute the software using the POSA procedure. The serial numbers only become valid when they are activated via the seller's POS system. If the serial number is not activated through the POS system, it cannot be used."

¹) "I'm getting an "error code -14" when trying to activate a MAGIX product. What can I do to resolve this?: This particular error code would come up if you're trying to activate a product with a serial number that is valid, but intended for another product/version. So, please check again whether the serial number you're entering into the activation dialogue is really intended for this particular product and version."