Movie Studio Platinum 15 cookie cutter plugin doesn't work

mcgyver42 wrote on 2/27/2023, 1:02 PM

I'm a sporadic user of Movie Studio Platinum (MSP), mostly to do videos of local theatrical productions. Recently I wanted to do a cookie cutter effect, which I have done successfully in the past with MSP12. I hadn't tried it with MSP15, build 157, which I upgraded to a while ago, until now. However, VEGAS Cookie Cutter doesn't work. I can add it to an event, and the window with sliders comes up, but nothing has an effect on my video. I can see the little crosshair on the video, and it will move around using the "Center" field or with the cursor, but nothing appears on my video.
I re-installed MSP12 and tried it on the same event clips, and it works fine.

I tried a few other plugins, and they don't seem to work either. Is this broken in MSP15?
I have a 64-bit system, but the plugins are grouped as 32-bit. Could this be the problem? How would I fix this?
Do I have to pay to upgrade to MSP 2023 to fix this?


DMT3 wrote on 2/27/2023, 1:56 PM

On your first screen capture you have SPLIT VIEW EFFX enabled. Disable this. (it is the button to the left of the preview quality options)

vkmast wrote on 2/27/2023, 2:08 PM

As @DMT3 says. What happens if in v.15 you deselect the Split Screen View button (now blue, above the Video Preview window)?

And from VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum 15 Release Notes, 3. Known issues: "When using the 64-bit version of Movie Studio Platinum, third-party plug-ins will work only if they are 64-bit plug-ins." 

Please note also that MSP 2023 is NOT an upgrade of VEGAS MS versions. The VEGAS Movie Studio product line was discontinued after v.17 and MAGIX Movie Studio versions 18, 2022 etc. are based on a totally different MAGIX product.

mcgyver42 wrote on 2/27/2023, 2:14 PM

Thank you!
Obviously, I'm not as in-depth knowledgeable as I should be. This worked great!