vkmast wrote on 5/30/2023, 2:35 PM

This FAQ item 9:

"How many computers can I use VEGAS Pro on?
You can use VEGAS Pro (14.0 and later) simultaneously on 2 devices. VEGAS Pro 365 can be used on 1 device at a time.

To deactivate a device, so you can activate a different one, visit your MAGIX account > My Products > Show More Details > Deactivate. This option can be used only once a month.

In VEGAS Pro 14.0 or later, you can also choose Deactivate the Software on this PC from the Help menu. This option can be used as often as you wish. An internet connection is required."

jetdv wrote on 5/30/2023, 2:39 PM

The 365 version is only allowed to be activated on one computer. The perpetual version allows activation on two computers. To use it on two computers, you'll need to deactivate on one before activating on the other. Alternatively, you could purchase another subscription...