New "How-to" videos in VEGAS Hub

vkmast wrote on 1/11/2022, 11:42 AM

Several new tutorial videos have now been added to the VEGAS Hub window (as was the intention mentioned here). . See the How-to Videos section there.


Paul-Fierlinger wrote on 5/21/2022, 1:37 PM

I have installed Vegas Hub but need help now to learn how to convert my narration track into a text file. Where should I go to find this information/tutorial?

vkmast wrote on 5/21/2022, 6:31 PM


There is a document called "VEGAS Pro 19 - Introduction to the new features: Initial release through build 550".

You may download the.pdf file from the link in this post:

The chapter on "Speech to Text (BETA release)" starts from p. 54.

Paul-Fierlinger wrote on 5/22/2022, 7:05 AM

As always I am much obliged, vkmast, the possibilities within the Hub are indeed massive. One small complaint: when searching Hub Explorer; I found the timed cutoff to read the text inside the folder symbol annoying. Why not just leave this up to the user to decide? I think most of us would like to be presented with no time limit to read and peruse such information.

Ken-Nelson wrote on 9/19/2022, 3:40 PM

Can we upgrade to 365 or vegas effects without buying the whole thing again?


vkmast wrote on 9/19/2022, 4:09 PM

@Ken-Nelson Purchase consultation contact: email