OhMyGosh wrote on 5/15/2007, 10:42 PM
Hi Jeff,
From one newbie to another. One of the way smart people will jump in and help you I'm sure, but in the mean can open a new project and control click (in the track header to the left of the timeline) the four tracks you don't want, hit delete and presto you are good to go. Hope it helps. Cin
Chienworks wrote on 5/16/2007, 10:20 AM
Adding to what Cin said, you can delete the tracks you don't want, then save that empty project as something like "newproject.vf". Then when you want to start a new project doubleclick on newproject.vf. Vegas will launch and open that project file with only the two tracks. You could even put a shortcut to newproject.vf in your start menu or on the desktop.

Just make sure you Save As to a different file name when you work on each new project!
jeff_12_7 wrote on 5/16/2007, 3:55 PM
Thanks OhMyGosh and Chienworks,

I was hoping to change default settings for good, but I will use your workarounds.

Thanks for the help,
AmigaMan wrote on 3/21/2016, 3:40 PM
I know this topic is ancient, but if you select 'View->Window Layouts->Save Layout' (after you set up Vegas the way you want), Movie Studio will ask if you really want to replace the default layout. Agree to this. What SHOULD happen, is the next time you open Movie Studio it will load this saved window layout with the number of tracks you want, etc. But, instead, what DOES happen is that only the windows and their positions are remembered, not the number of tracks, etc. Oddly, there doesn't seem to be any way to set the default number of video and/or audio tracks as the default except using the methods mentioned above. I'm using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13, by the way (which I like a lot, but seems to be missing a few things like this).

UKharrie wrote on 3/22/2016, 12:11 PM
Saving the BlankProject is probably the best Workaround - I use a similar scheme (( saved as STARTER-2016 )) - this includes some text-notes on the timeline and the several Media-Bins which I want.
When I use SMS for Audio Editing I have another (dot)vf file called "MP3-Starter"

I find "Text" somewhat weak and NewBlue baffeling . . . So, I set-up text notes to include shadow at +34 ( are they pixels?) for both x+y . . . This means you can COPY-Paste and get the same settings throughout the project . . . it would be nice if custom variations on the plain "Default Text" were made available in Media Generator, under "My Favs" so I can pull them out . . . .

.... and could Sony software writers stop putting "SONY" at the start of each ID? This means the actual Text-Number is removed from the screen-shot. I already know it's Sony Text - it's a Sony program I'm using. I guess it's done to "Brand" the New Blue variations - but this could be achieved by having a red frame shadow for Sony ( for example) and Blue for NB.
That way there is no useless padding in the Media Bins... and I can find the Number of the Text easily . . . .indeed the Number is probably far better enlarged and placed in the Text thumbnail, since I cannot read thumbnail Text anyway.

When you start SMS, you can "Pin" these Starters so they don't get pushed off the list of "Recent Projects" - it took me a while to realise this!
BTW I swap the Preview Frame and Audio Meters, so the meter is obscured when Rendering ( it doesn't work then anyway ), but you do see more of the preview - Why do software writers fix that "Progress frame" bang in the centre?
vkmast wrote on 3/22/2016, 1:21 PM
just this, have you realised that you can undock, resize and place (e.g.) your Preview window anywhere you like before rendering?