vkmast wrote on 8/5/2020, 4:14 AM

DVD Architect 7 has been dropped from VEGAS Pro 18 classic and Suite. Instead you get Sound Forge Pro 14.

Steve Grisetti wrote on 8/5/2020, 7:31 AM

I am so sorry to hear this, vk. It's really the last of the great DVD authoring programs. Nothing else I know of compares. 😢

VEGASDerek wrote on 8/5/2020, 12:29 PM

Overall, demand for DVD Architect has diminished significantly. It was no longer a compelling add-on to VEGAS Pro or VEGAS Pro Suite. We will still sell it, but you will need to contact us directly for that. We believe that the bundling of Sound Forge Pro, which, unlike DVD Architect, is in continued active development provides users with a better value.

trevorjharris wrote on 8/6/2020, 5:43 AM

This might prove a big mistake by magix. The big advantage of Vegas Pro was its 3D support with mvc encoder. DVD Architect is the best cheap DVD authoring available specialy with 3D support. Davinci Resolve is a much cheaper video editor and supports 3D. I was hopeing Magix would develop DVDA in particular to produce a 64 bit version.

john-baker wrote on 8/6/2020, 10:52 AM



I have to agree with @trevorjharris, regarding DVDA.

There is very little push to promote this product which is the only one I know of that has so many features and versatility for authoring discs. There is no prominent mention of the product at all in advertising or on the Magix website - if you do not know where to look it is difficult to find.

Coming from the Magix product side, ex Vegas user from a couple of decades ago, Video Pro X and MovIe Edit Pro though having disc authoring built in, are not versatile enough for some users and I have been pushing DVDA to those who want more features.

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EricLNZ wrote on 8/6/2020, 6:56 PM

I agree. Whilst I didn't expect any further development of DVDA just burying it does seem rather negative. Disc burning isn't completely dead yet.

VEGASDerek wrote on 8/7/2020, 7:14 AM

Thank you for the feedback in regards to DVD Architect. The reality is, we have only spent a small amount of time on it over the span of 4 years, fixing only a few bugs. We understand that people are indeed still using it, and the copy you have will continue to work. What we have come to realize is that the people who want to use it already own it and a very large number of people who are new to our products do not see DVD Architect has a compelling reason to purchase VEGAS Pro or VEGAS Pro Suite instead of VEGAS Pro Edit (which did not contain DVD Architect). It was also somewhat silly that we continued to offer the exact same version of DVD Architect year after year as part of those software bundles.

We have had some people requesting new features, especially for format support and UHD disc burning, for DVD Architect along with a conversion to 64 bit. Any of that work would have been quite substantial to do and would have required about a years with a team equivalent to the size of the current VEGAS team to accomplish. Diverting resources from VEGAS to DVD Architect would have severely harmed development efforts on VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio. The payback would simply not be enough to justify doing the work.

SOUND FORGE was a logical alternative since it already has a history with VEGAS Pro. Also, it is in active development so we will be able to offer a new version with each release of VEGAS Pro.

Shadow wrote on 8/7/2020, 6:35 PM

So I guess the subtitle bug which has not been fixed since the Sony days will not be fixed anymore?

vkmast wrote on 8/7/2020, 6:39 PM


Shadow wrote on 8/7/2020, 6:50 PM

@vkmast This was a rethorical question as it is kind of a running joke that this has never been fixed, even though it was in the bug tracker for years and Magix still advertised the subtitle capabilities until the last breath of DVDA... ;-)