Post Your Vegas Creations!


michael-harrison wrote on 5/16/2020, 5:25 AM

@john_dennis You are not wrong

LongIslander wrote on 5/17/2020, 3:29 AM

Reyfox wrote on 5/18/2020, 6:46 AM

@LongIslander I won't tell you how fast I've traveled over that bridge on my ZX14... ;-D

LongIslander wrote on 5/22/2020, 1:43 AM

I wont tell you how fast I went over with my ZX6R. 😆

Got my Levels Purrrfect.

alifftudm95 wrote on 5/22/2020, 4:31 AM

I've make few Short Film with VEGAS Pro, won few awards. One of the best short film I ever produced that won Astro A List Director Choice, we got 2x ticket to SGIFF2018 (Edited with VP16)

My first ever short film, also edited with Sony VEGAS Pro 13. Won in the 1st place and got myself a schoolarship to continue study in IACT film college.

This one only manage to get top 15 for FiTAWAVE short film. More then 500+ video were submitted.(Edited with VP16)


Here some bunch of experimental/fun editing with VEGAS Pro (Version 16/17)

This one is my first commercial ever as editor. Using VEGAS Pro 17.


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