Problem with older (SCS era) versions activations

Roman-Alexandrov wrote on 8/31/2021, 6:40 AM

Can you tell me where to go? An error pops up, I can not activate previously purchased products (Sound Forge 10, Sony Vegas 12 and DVD Arhitect Pro). All feedback forms were removed on, when you click on "Create a new request", it redirects to FAQ ...

You have already activated this product a maximum number of times. It isn’t possible to make an additional activation at this time.




RogerS wrote on 8/31/2021, 7:52 AM

Go back to the top of this page, click support and don't ask the community. Ignore the FAQ- just type anything for your problem and then you can file a support ticket.

For too many activations, login to Magix and remove one or more computers so you can register a new one:

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Dexcon wrote on 8/31/2021, 8:05 AM

Just to add to RogerS's comment, Sony era products like Vegas Pro 12 and Sound Forge Pro 10 had a different activation/registration system to that introduced when those Sony products were sold to the MAGIX umbrella company.

Vegas Pro up to 13 (so including VP12) were released under Sony ownership and registration data was transferred from Sony to MAGIX at the time of the sale hand-over. Sony activations operated under a different process that allowed many activations but only up until a certain limit was reached. This still apples today with VP13 and earlier. The only way to resolve the activation issue was, and still is, to contact MAGIX support - as per RogerS's advice - and request for the activation count to be reset back to zero.

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vkmast wrote on 9/3/2021, 11:10 AM

This is also mentioned in the main FAQs, item 9.

("VEGAS Pro FAQs and TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDES" is pinned in Important Posts on the forum's VEGAS PRO section.)