redering crashing

Harry-Hughes wrote on 6/24/2020, 3:14 PM

Everytime i go to Render a video it will crash around 10-20% these are some of the specs of my computer and my VEGAS:

VEGAS Version 17.0 (Build 103)

Windows 10 Home 1909

Created footage on: OBS studio, iphone XR, Iphone X, Iphone 6, Iphone 6, Iphone 7.

The Video is for Youtube but i want to save it to my hard drive so i can view it and then be able yo send it to my Iphone later.

When i play back the video it is a little glitchy but i have watched all the footage over separately and there is no glitches then when i put the footage together it glitches every now and again. The first attachment i have added is what the footage looks like.

Graphics card= NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Version=

CPU acceleration of processing=Off

Enable Legacy HEVC decoding CIA intel QSV=On

The second picture is my project properties.

The third picture is what my render settings look like.

Information about my PC:

8.00GB of RAM

CPU= intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8300 CPU @ 2.30GHz

If anyone could help i would appreciate so much as really struggling now and i have tried rending it at least 10 times so help would be appreciated thank you.


j-v wrote on 6/24/2020, 3:55 PM

....... or some help on how to fix this ASAP

We can only help if you provide us with information about hardware, used program and build, MediaInfo sourcefiles and the chosen renderoptions.
Use this as a start ( it is not for the Pro version only) :




met vriendelijke groet

Camera : Pan X900, GoPro Hero7 Hero Black, DJI Osmo Pocket, Samsung Galaxy A8
Desktop :MB Gigabyte Z390M, W10 home version 2004 build 19041.264, i7 9700 4.7Ghz,16 DDR4 GB RAM, Gef. GTX 1660 Ti.
Laptop  :Asus ROG GL753VD, W10 home version 2004 build 19041.264, CPU i7 7700HQ, 8 GB RAM, GeF. GTX 1050 (2 GB) + Int. HD Graphics 630(2GB).VP 17,18 and VMS PL 16,17 are installed, all latest builds
Both Nvidia GPU's have driver version 456.38 Studio Driver.
TV      :LG 4K 55EG960V


Harry-Hughes wrote on 6/25/2020, 3:37 AM

ok i will write a new post with more detail

vkmast wrote on 6/25/2020, 4:31 AM

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