Registration issue

Rory Cooper wrote on 9/15/2015, 12:16 AM
I had some plugin issues with Vegas so did a reinstall Vegas 10 e same computer same everything and am unable to get Vegas to unlock. Serial and mac id is cool
I have tried from the PC and also two other PC = reg from another computer etc. not happening!
need the long number thing

I have Vegas 11 running but I don’t want to use it because then it will alter all my project veg files and my plugs won’t work in pro 11 so I am stuck!!!
Who/how can I e-mail /sort this out quickly? Thanks folks


PeterDuke wrote on 9/15/2015, 1:02 AM
What exactly happens? Do you get any messages?

Perhaps it is something to do with the issues that prompted you to reinstall in the first place.
Rory Cooper wrote on 9/15/2015, 1:08 AM
Peter the message is "unable to register" as if the site/connection is down

The server was unable to complete the registration as requested. [-41]

so it is not an internal PC issue.

vkmast wrote on 9/15/2015, 2:00 AM
Would this help (later in the day)?
Rory Cooper wrote on 9/15/2015, 2:34 AM
LOL…Yep that helps… like throwing a drowning man a big shark to hold on to. I guess splash around and Hope I don’t bleed too much. thanks lol