Scrub With Preview In Trimmer By Dragging Cursor? - Solved

Mikee wrote on 12/17/2011, 2:45 PM
I just upgraded from Vegas 7 to 11 this year, though I only use it seriously about once per year in the Christmas season. Thus, I don't recall if v7, v4, or v3 had this feature or not.

I'm hoping to click-n-drag the cursor across the Trimmer timeline and see the video in the Video Preview window. Yeah, you can grab the tiny gray scrubber handle above the timeline, but that tries to scrub the audio...slowing the whole process down.

If I add the full clip to the main project timeline I can do the click-n-drag the timeline cursor in a blank area to "scrub" across the video to see it move.

Any thoughts?

Also, any keystroke to open a selection in the Media Manager to the Trimmer (currently I drag n drop)


Former user wrote on 12/17/2011, 3:08 PM
use the head of the cursor to scrub audio, or hover over the line that extends and then click and drag that as fast as you want.

Dave T2
Mikee wrote on 12/17/2011, 4:03 PM
Right, I know can use the head of the cursor to do this....but I don't see the Video in the Video Preview window "moving" as I move the line....that's my whole issue.
Former user wrote on 12/17/2011, 4:17 PM
Sorry, misunderstood the problem.

Do you have any video in the preview wiindow?

Dave T2
Mikee wrote on 12/17/2011, 4:56 PM
Yes, I have video in the preview window (only when the trimmer is playing). I can see it "move" if I click in the trimmer timeline and press play (or spacebar). However, if I stop the trimmer from playing, the video in the preview window shows the still video frame from where the cursor is in the "main" project timeline.

Same thing, when I do the click-n-hold-n-drag across the trimmer timeline, the preview window shows the still video frame from where the cursor is in the "main" project timeline.

Thanks for your help/time.

vkmast wrote on 12/17/2011, 5:04 PM
I may misunderstand this too, but if you have the Trimmer video window open, you should see the "video" moving there as you move the cursor?

Or maybe right-click the media file in the Trimmer window and uncheck Show Video Monitor and check Show Video in Preview Window? See if this does what you want?
Mikee wrote on 12/17/2011, 6:10 PM
See screenshot.

Within the trimmer window, if I drag the cursor on the timeline (F) I see the tiny frames changing (eg, the video playing in the tiny little areas very difficult to see; B,C,D,E ), but do NOT see the video in the large preview window.

If I scrub with the scrubber ("A") I do see the video in the preview window.

I tried fooling with the right-click options to no avail.
vkmast wrote on 12/17/2011, 6:55 PM
am i totally misunderstanding you or is this what you want to see?

Done in VP11 dragging "A" and/or "F".
Former user wrote on 12/17/2011, 8:06 PM
Right click in the trimmer window and play with the options


I think one of those will fix your problem.

Dave T2
Mikee wrote on 12/17/2011, 9:26 PM
Thanks guys. I thought I was insane. There is a bug at work here (Veg 11P, build 511)

My settings are very similar (exact?) to what you have (tried toggling/clicking many a time). However, the cursor drag scrubbing was not working....UNTIL...

The Fix
At some point my video preview window was undocked/decoupled from the trimmer and/or main project timeline (stuff strewn across 3 monitors) and floating as its own window. Just for kicks I re-docked it like (vkmask's screenshots) with the trimmer window. And like magic, it began working.

I decoupled the preview back to its own floating window is it still works. Strange. I can do the drag scrubbing from the normal places now. If only I could reproduce the non-working so I can submit a bug

Thanks a ton everyone!
vkmast wrote on 12/18/2011, 3:14 AM
Good that you got it working!

In addition to all of this
(from readme/Release Notes):

3.0 Known Issues
- - -
When the Show Video Monitor button in the Trimmer window is selected, video that you preview from the Vegas Explorer and Media Manager windows is played back in the Trimmer. Because the Trimmer is placed in the same window dock as the Explorer and Media Manager, you will not see your video preview. To preview Explorer and Media Manager video, you can drag the Trimmer to a new dock group, or you can turn off the Show Video Monitor button to preview in the Video Preview window.
WillemT wrote on 12/18/2011, 4:10 AM
Mikee, your post just reminded me to check the Trimmer behaviour in VP 511. Not fixed yet.

If you drag the Trimmer from the dock to a floating window on its own it does strange things. It caught me out when I placed it on the secondary monitor. When docked all works OK.

One of the problems is that, using it with “Show Video Monitor” selected (the right button trimmer popup menu), it initially appears OK. If you drag any video clip to it, only the audio shows - the video monitor disappears, the video also does not show in the Video preview monitor – which I think was your problem. Clicking play and the video shows.

Clicking the external monitor button and all goes away for a while – it eventually shows, but is not really workable. It seems to work if you unselect “Show Video Monitor”.

One workaround is to always use the Trimmer docked , another is to dock any other window with the Trimmer such that it only partly covers the Trimmer (meaning horizontally sharing the window) and then deleting it again. After deleting the newly docked window the trimmer seems to behave normally. I just reverted to always dock it with something else.

I started a docket a while back but describing the problem got so complex I decided to wait and see if it is fixed in the next release – which it is not.