Select 4 second pieces from multiiple clips

RgVideo wrote on 8/27/2023, 1:17 PM

Using MSP 16, build 167: 

I have several video clips of various lengths. I need to take four second pieces from them and create a video.  The 4 second pieces would be synced to a music track.

I tried creating a four-second window In the trimmer, but could not find a way to move it around to a good spot in the clip.

Any suggestions on how to do this are appreciated..




RgVideo wrote on 8/27/2023, 2:30 PM

Looking through the help file, I think I came up with the answer. it's to use the slip tool to position video in a four second event. I can create a track with multiple empty four second events and then copy each of my clips to them. Then I can use the slip tool to start the 4 seconds where I want to at each event. 

Sound right?


3POINT wrote on 8/27/2023, 2:41 PM

That's a way to do it. Maybe it's easier to set the grid to seconds and enable snap to grid. The slip tool ( press alt key while dragging) is the right tool to select the right portion of the clip.

RgVideo wrote on 8/27/2023, 8:01 PM

Thank for the confirm and extra tips!

jetdv wrote on 8/28/2023, 7:50 AM

Or you could use a script similar to this:

vkmast wrote on 8/28/2023, 10:05 AM

@jetdv the OP has a VEGAS Movie Studio version.

jetdv wrote on 8/28/2023, 12:21 PM

@jetdv the OP has a VEGAS Movie Studio version.

@vkmast, I didn't notice that. Yep, VEGAS Pro is required for scripting...

RgVideo wrote on 8/29/2023, 3:53 PM

Just noticed something weird happening when I was pasting a video clip into an empty event.  Maybe it was happening before and I didn't notice it. 

I created three empty 4 second events on a track. When I copy and paste a video clip longer than 4 seconds into the first empty event the remainder of the copied event is added to the end of the last empty event (the 3rd event).   If I paste another clip into the 2nd empty event, the remainder of the 2nd clip starts after the 3rd event and overlays the remainder of the first clip

 Is this normal? 




jetdv wrote on 8/29/2023, 4:17 PM

@RgVideo, what if you right-click the video, drag it to the "empty" event, and choose "Add as Take"?

RgVideo wrote on 8/29/2023, 8:11 PM


Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, this works as long as I drag from the media folder and not the video on the timeline. However, I'm finding trying to slip an event is hard to do for close positioning. I'm going on a trip for a few days and will post a question later regarding a better way to select a 4 second section from a clip.




3POINT wrote on 8/30/2023, 1:33 AM

However, I'm finding trying to slip an event is hard to do for close positioning.

Time slipping is not accurate especially with longer clips, try following:

1. create a 4 second region on your timeline and move the region selection to the point of your clip that you want to use.

2. Trim this portion with CRTL+T in a 4 second clip.

3. Move 4 second clip to the desired location.

4. Repeat procedure for following clips.

RgVideo wrote on 8/30/2023, 10:41 AM

@3POINT: Thanks for the tip!! Regions were the next thing I was going to look at. Looks like they would work better for what I want. TBD. :)

RgVideo wrote on 9/2/2023, 2:15 PM


I think your tip to use regions will work out just fine. i have only done some testing for now, so I might have some additional questions. I found out your CTRL+T method erased the source video track from the timeline, so I'll probably use  CTRL+C to grab the 4 second part and then paste it to the destination video track. That way if  I need an additional part from the source video it will still be on the timeline.

Thanks again for your help,