Software installation problems

Peter-Sweeney wrote on 4/23/2020, 11:26 AM

After downloading the latest internet version of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus the interface screen is blank and does not look familiar. Order No 20200420015993766MXC. Invoice no AR6425415 Original attempt to download failed because not enough disc space in C drive. The familiar start up dialogue box does appear but unable to load existing projects from D drive or initiate a new one. The usual interface options not displayed just a blank black screen.Some short old clips did import from D drive but were inactive. Windows ten.


j-v wrote on 4/23/2020, 11:35 AM

Wrong forum

met vriendelijke groet

Camera : Pan X900, GoPro Hero7 Hero Black, DJI Osmo Pocket, Samsung Galaxy A8
Desktop :MB Gigabyte Z390M, W10 home version 2004 build 19041.264, i7 9700 4.7Ghz,16 DDR4 GB RAM, Gef. GTX 1660 Ti.
Laptop  :Asus ROG GL753VD, W10 home version 2004 build 19041.264, CPU i7 7700HQ, 8 GB RAM, GeF. GTX 1050 (2 GB) + Int. HD Graphics 630(2GB).VP 16,17 and VMS PL 16,17 are installed, all latest builds
Both Nvidia GPU's have driver version 451.48 Studio Driver, desktop the Studio DHC driver
TV      :LG 4K 55EG960V


vkmast wrote on 4/23/2020, 1:17 PM

Please remove the numbers from your post. This is the user forum, not "official" Support.