static sound on all projects

KC1 wrote on 6/15/2022, 12:39 PM

I have a static sound that will not go away whenever I open a project. I ran the update and it continues to ask me to update every time I open the program. Then I get hit with an add for new version then the static starts. May have something to do with me attempting to eliminate the incessant pop up add that have over taken my computer by Sony adds. Thanks for that hour of unessesary work and potential harm to my computer. I am probably going to change to another program. Problem is all companies have rendered all computer work related work virtually meaningless for anyone interested in working at the level of a hobby due to the kinds of issues related above. Thanks Sony and the rest of the corporate global elites for creating a world that no longer works for most people. Computers and the internet once held so much promise, now that are plain simply evil and self-referential without any ability to self-reflect whatsoever.


vkmast wrote on 6/15/2022, 2:44 PM

"Sony" ads?? Which software are you talking about (name, version and build number)?

Sony sold Vegas programs to MAGIX in 2016.