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Asparuh-Asparuhov wrote on 7/26/2020, 1:14 PM

Hi I have installed Vegas 15 Vegas 16 and Vegas 17. The reason for having old versions not uninstalled is as folow

1 with Vegas 15 under "media generators" I have available "Legacy Text" (attached image 1)

2 with Vegas 16 the "Legacy Text" is not available anymore but I have all "BCC FX" and "HitFilm Tool Pack" plugins available (attached image 2)

3 with Vegas 17 none of the "Legacy Text" or the mentioned plugins are available anymore

I need help with this problem. I would like to make and have all these tools and plugins available with Vegas 17

Please let me know what do I need to do?


vkmast wrote on 7/26/2020, 1:37 PM


In VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum you can enable Legacy Text in Options > Preferences > Internal. You can access the Internal (hidden) Preferences by holding down Shift while clicking Preferences. Write legacy to the "Show only prefs. containing" box to find the option to Expose Legacy Titler. Change Value to TRUE, Apply and OK.

In VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum you can Enable Legacy Text in Options > Preferences > Deprecated Features.

As for BCC or HitFilm Tool Pack, I don't have any of those in my VMSP 15, 16 or 17, so can't help you with those.

Asparuh-Asparuhov wrote on 7/27/2020, 9:29 PM

Thank you so much for the help. It was easy to do. It would not come to my mind to look in the setting without your help. Now I have Legacy text available and working. The deprecated features happened to be very appreciated by me. Now I need to find way to make BCC FX and HitFilm effects listed and active with Vegas 17. This third party plug-ins were included with the purchase of the Vegas. I did not buy them separately and so far they will appear in the FX list of my old versions but not with Vegas 17?

EricLNZ wrote on 7/27/2020, 10:35 PM

@Asparuh-Asparuhov If they don't show up it probably means they won't work with VMS17. Changes were made in respect of OFX integration. Whilst some OFX supplied with previous versions work, others don't.

Asparuh-Asparuhov wrote on 7/28/2020, 5:43 PM

Thank you for your help. Your massage is not very encouraging but I hope there is a way to make the FX I have working with Vegas 17 as well. Otherwise I'll need to have couple Vegas versions installed and switch between them in term to use the missing FX.