Times are changing??

Cornico wrote on 9/10/2016, 9:08 AM

When I read the Eula for professional and/or consumer use of Vegas Software under Magix, I get the impression that things are changing.
Number of registrations are listed in the serial?
New hardware needs deactivation before a new activation?
How much registrations does a "normal" licencenumber have?

Questions, questions, who knows more about this?
Maybe Magix is able to comment on these questions?


ushere wrote on 9/10/2016, 7:57 PM

all excellent points to be considered - and hopefully answered by magix asap

EricLNZ wrote on 9/10/2016, 11:16 PM

License Verification looks like a potential problem. How many of you pro editors use a dedicated editing machine that you keep away from the internet?

Having read through the EULA I'm not impressed.  It was bad enough having to "phone home" to Sony in addition to entering a product code if you had to reinstall your Sony software.  Magix appear to take an even more "big brother" approach. Having read good things said about Magix I'm saddened.

ushere wrote on 9/11/2016, 12:24 AM

my nle isn't connected to the net by default, only when absolutely necessary - so if i have to be connected for vegas to phone home after installing the first time then it's bye bye vegas

just picked this up from other thread:

I picked this up from another forum, and just wondering if anyone else can clarify. If you read the information regarding License Verification on this page http://www.magix.com/gb/support/technical-support/

it says "the software is assigned to the device on which it was installed" Does this mean only one device?

It says you can swap the licence once a month, but what about all of us who use a laptop as well?

does this mean i can't have vegas on my laptop and nle at the same time!? when out on location i often off load footage to vegas for rough cutting and once back in the studio dump the ready cut material into my main rig. and it's more often than once a month and certainly a PITA if i have to reregister it everytime.

i'm willing to wait for confirmation but in the meantime it looks like magix idea of a professional nle is more geared to the hobbyist with such tight restrictions.

as i wrote, i'm waiting for cllarification, but these sorts of questions really do need answering asap. 

i'm all for continuing supporting vegas even though i'm mainly working in resolve nowadays, but in order for magix to keep me as a paying customer they're going to have to treat my use of their supposedly professional software as a professional would expect to use it. 

and another from the other thread:

Reading the tech support page also indicates monthly internet licence verification. ie. PC connected to the internet. Reminds me of TMPGenc, they did the same.

Guess the question is, will this information relate to Vegas?

Not looking good at all in my opinion. i have no objection to software security and anti-piracy, but if either impinges on my workflow, as all the above suggests it will do, then it's goodbye to vegas or any other software that restricts my use of it in a professional manner.

i really do wish eric or someone else from magix answer these questions asap. .

redpaw wrote on 9/11/2016, 5:07 AM

does this mean i can't have vegas on my laptop and nle at the same time!? when out on location i often off load footage to vegas for rough cutting and once back in the studio dump the ready cut material into my main rig. and it's more often than once a month and certainly a PITA if i have to reregister it everytime.


and i'm pretty sure we're not the only ones... 

so, if that's the case, then i would need to seriously reconsider if it's still worth sticking with vegas

jczound wrote on 9/13/2016, 3:28 PM

The most innovative things I loved about vegas was that Sony kept all my software info on their site so I didn't need to keep a file of all of my registrations.  Also the ability to run the software on multiple personal devices. And even more innovative was the ability to give or sell an older version to someone.  That was, IMO, genius in marketing.  So far the Magix site is pitiful compared to Sony's.  They talk about good support but so far it doesn't hold a candle to Sony. 


ushere wrote on 9/14/2016, 1:15 AM

have to agree that i too keep getting pointless emails from magix regarding software i'm not interested in and nothing about vegas 14 which i am interested in. just because they've now got my email doesn't mean i'm not going to report them as spamming. and i would dearly like answers to the aforemention questions regarding licensing, etc.,

VEGAS_EricD wrote on 9/14/2016, 1:47 PM

The current Sony EULA stipulates the license is for one user,  it can be installed on 2 PCs for the same user, and cannot be used used on 2 or more PCs at a time.  http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/corporate/eula

"Sony grants you a limited license to use the Software on two (2) computers or mobile devices, as applicable; provided that the Software may not be used on two (2) or more devices simultaneously".

The old EULA for previous SCS apps allowed for 1 install and 1 back up

"Sony grants you a limited license to use the Software only on one (1) computer or mobile device, as applicable, and you may create one (1) back up copy of the Software".

MAGIX allows for 2 installs on 2 systems.

The difference is Sony required license maintenance after 5 installs in any one calendar year,  where the MAGIX applications allows 2 at any one given time and actually has a safeguard in place.  Licenses can be maintained on the user's MAGIX account.  If 2 installs exist, and the user wants to install to a third PC they have to deactivate from one of the other PCs.

In short, the number of installs allowed has not changed.  There is just a different safeguard in place.

The previous generation of MAGIX applications required online verification monthly, however, the current MAGIX apps do not require the user to be online after installation.  The license is tied to your account and it is still verified.  Online activation is required, however the machine does not need to be online after activation.

vkmast wrote on 9/14/2016, 1:57 PM

Thanks for this info.

Is/will there be a link in the current MAGIX site or in the current MAGIX apps to the "new" EULA?

ushere wrote on 9/14/2016, 6:28 PM

+1 eric - thanks