Transfer license to new PC?

Jim-Stevenson wrote on 10/20/2021, 4:32 PM

I'm getting ready to build a new PC, using Windows 10 Pro & will be using that on the new one. Can I transfer my DVD Architect Studio 5.0 (Build 178) license to it? The license management page doesn't give a "Show more details" link for it, but my 2 other installed programs do. I know it's a very dated program, but I'm completely familiar with how it works, and don't want to have to learn something new.


vkmast wrote on 10/20/2021, 4:45 PM

From the main FAQs, item 9:

"Older versions of Vegas Pro than 14.0 are licensed under a system (as previously used by Sony) which permits use on multiple computers by one user; after an unspecified number of installations on different or updated PCs you may need to contact support to reset your "installation count"." This should apply to your (Sony) DVD Architect as well.