tried to upgrade to studio 2022 to fix an issue

Jacob-Solomon wrote on 6/14/2022, 12:27 AM

I use vegas studio 17 and have been for a while and I've been having an issue where I lost a lot of features. Specifically I cannot insert srt files to add subtitles. I did a bit of research and I saw that there was an upgrade available I decided I would try the upgrade to see if it would resolve the issue. it opted me into getting the new movie studio 2022 and I was ok with trying the new software at first but the second I launched it, it had a terrible interface and it didn't even fix my problem. 1 could I uninstall the software and have a refund and 2 could you please tell me how to fix my vegas platinum 17 so I can insert srt files I paid for the best vegas 17 software and I should be able to use the features I paid for.


please and thank you,




vkmast wrote on 6/14/2022, 3:14 AM

Re 1: As you have noticed, the new Movie Studio(s) (after v.17 from VEGAS, i.e. v.18 and 2022) is a totally different product developed and releases by MAGIX (the parent company) and not actually an "upgrade" of the VEGAS MS product line. (Please see e.g. here)

For cancellation policy, please see . Note the restriction in I § 3 (Only for consumers who are habitually resident in a state that is a member of the EU or the EEA, this § 3 applies)

Re 2: Please see these two threads here and here. You may need to download a free time-limited trial of the latest VEGAS Edit (=VEGAS Pro without some additional features) and test with it.

Jacob-Solomon wrote on 6/14/2022, 8:54 AM

I have pro 17, and platinum 17, and as of a year ago the feature was available as I researched the issue and how to do it and after updates, it’s gone.
inserting srt files had been a thing for Vegas 14-17 and then it was removed probably with other features I didn’t use often.