vkmast wrote on 11/23/2021, 7:51 AM

Purchase consultation contact: Email

(Please note that the VEGAS Movie Studio product line has been discontinued. V.17 is the last one.)

Betovalle wrote on 11/23/2021, 8:22 AM

thanks! precisely because it was discontinued,
and I believe because of cost containment! as I also suffer
In this matter of cost containment I have 2 options:
or I migrate to VProEdit at a discount or back to PowerDirector (cyberlink).
This is because the replacement for the vegas movie studio line is a step backwards and in life we have to evolve! It's not like this?

vkmast wrote on 11/23/2021, 8:40 AM

@Betovalle if you decide to migrate to VEGAS Edit (which has the same VEGAS Pro as the other options), you might want to check this week's Upgrade offer (see here). Your VMSP serial number should qualify for the upgrade pricing.

See also this comment..