VEGAS 19 Build 643 (Update 5)

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 5/31/2022, 9:00 AM

Dear Community,

We are happy to announce the release of build 643 (Update 5) for VEGAS 19. Some critical updates and important changes are included, so make sure to download this through our automatic update feature or the links below.

As always, we would love your feedback. Please tell us what you think in our general discussion thread.


VEGAS Pro 19 (Build 643)


New Features 

- Bezier Curve support for keyframe animation for effects

- Speech to Text auto-detects the OS language

- Update to support the latest version of OFX specification

- Motion Blur FX

- Hardware detection now handles multiple GPUs from the same vendor

- Color Grading can now be applied to the Track, Media, and Video Output levels

- Brightness and Contrast controls for the Color Grading Panel

- Locked indicator on events

- Text bounded background for Titles and Text generator

- Performance improvements for Color Grading curve options

- Automatically crop video to the project output aspect ratio

- Customized subtitle creation for Speech to Text

- New setting to allow matching of aspect ratio to media

- GPU acceleration for Scene and Shot detection

- Additional Languages and Regional dialects for Text to Speech

- New templates for vertical aspect ratio projects

- New templates for rendering vertical aspect ratio projects


Bug Fixes 

- Fixed crash which could occur when selecting Bypass All after a track level effect was added

- The Border FX now properly releases GPU memory

- Event length is properly set when velocity changes via mouse drag

- Move rarely used Project Properties to another tab so the size of the dialog is smaller

- Edit Visible Button Set on an audio track now works properly

- Color Grading layout now properly shows Hub windows

- Performance improvements for BRAW decoding

- The driver Update database now detects new NVidia and AMD cards

- Fixed problem where the shift key sticks after adding envelope points

- Sorting and grouping options now apply consistently in the List and Details view of the Hub Explorer

- New hardware detection works properly with DXGI GPUs

- Projects from VEGAS Pro 18 with notes will no longer cause a crash when loaded into VEGAS Pro 19

- Selecting the Invert Phase menu item on an audio track now works properly

- Color Curves FX will no longer cause a crash when added to and effects chain

- Fixed crash that may occur when using GL Transitions plugin

- Subclip media and rotation properties properly persist

- Deleting a subclip no longer makes the parent media unplayable

- Hide selection context menu option now works

- Fixed crash that may occur when using the Plugin Manager

- Fixed crash that may occur when pasting data on the timeline

- Fixed crash that may occur during playback

- Consistent behavior when dragging opacity or gain on multiple events

- Boris Continuum 2022.5 will no longer cause a crash

- Auto-save will no longer cause a potential hang on exit

- Fixed names for some interlaced render templates

- Appropriate time information for render progress in situations where the muxing step takes excessive amounts of time

- Fix crashes that may occur when loading a project with a nested timeline

- Time information in the render progress is now correct when rendering a project with a nested timeline

- Reduce Interlace Flicker option now works as expected for all media

- Render Progress time information now displays correctly if renders take longer than a day

- Fixed issue where VEGAS does not read certain AVI videos

- Clicking the Color Grading button on an event now selects that event as well

- Fixed a crash that may occur when splitting audio events

- Initial search in the Video Plugins windows no longer causes a long delay

- Fixed a crash that may occur when applying undo or redo within the Color Grading panel

Direct Download Links:

VEGAS Pro 19:

VEGAS Deep Learning Models

*Projects saved with build 643 cannot be opened in earlier versions of VEGAS Pro 19.

Warm Regards,

VEGAS Creative Software Team


vkmast wrote on 6/24/2022, 2:44 AM

Those New Features and Bug Fixes were originally announced for build 636.

Build 643 additional Bug Fixes

Fixed crash when using the Color Grading panel with the Smart Zoom plugin

Hardware encoder and decoder usage works as expected with associated preference settings

ProRes 444 rendering has been fixed

No longer crashes on shutdown when HEVC media is on the timeline

Preferences are properly uplifted from build 550

Performance is improved in 32-bit projects when GPU acceleration is turned off