Vegas Edit - Error code -24

Floris-Versmissen wrote on 2/6/2023, 9:09 AM


I am facing some troubles registering my purchased Vegas Edit on my e-mail address and thus activating my product.

After I installed the software and entered my serial number a prompt came up to add my e-mail address to complete the registration. Since I purchased the product as a guest I entered the e-mail address that I used to receive the e-mail with the download link, but the launcher told me the e-mail address was already in use. Therefore I used a second e-mail address to register, leading to error code -24.

Now when I try to update my e-mail address to the second one (as was adviced on the FAQ), I get a prompt stating that the e-mail address is already in use, and I can't change it. And when I try to change the registration e-mail in the launcher, I get a prompt stating that the serial number is already registered on a different e-mail address.

So at the moment, both options have failed me and I'm stuck with error code -24 that I can't seem to fix. Any advice is welcome since I already purchased and installed the software.

Thanks in advance!


vkmast wrote on 2/6/2023, 11:36 AM

You might try Online Live Chat to see if they're able to help.