rdandrea wrote on 6/19/2011, 6:34 PM
Thank you.
Dataforge wrote on 6/23/2011, 7:27 AM
Does the new version fix importing .mov video files and it not detecting any audio?
Eugenia wrote on 6/23/2011, 2:50 PM
Please make a new thread about this. It's obviously a matter of not having a coded installed, or the newest quicktime.
alphalogan wrote on 6/24/2011, 4:25 AM
As a matter of personal interest I have tried several times to install a trial version of VMS11 to compare it with VMS10. Unfortunately installation is fine until it starts installing new files when the message comes up ERROR:1603 occured during installation. Perhaps it is my PC but I am not sure.
Steve Grisetti wrote on 6/24/2011, 5:21 AM
As Eugenia indicated above, if you'd like help with the program, you may want to start your own thread.

Help requests are likely to get lost 53 posts down in an unrelated thread.
gpsmikey wrote on 6/29/2011, 5:34 PM
The production suite includes NewBluFX, but it doesn't say which ones. In another post above, someone else said they looked good, but no additional information. I assume the "download" version also includes the FX. Does the download version also include a link to the "tutorial DVD" they list for the Production Suite ?

mikey (trying to decide between the Production Suite and the HD Platinum (I have V10 VMS prod. suite))
Markk655 wrote on 6/29/2011, 7:15 PM
gps mikey...Suggest you look at your other thread where I replied.
vkmast wrote on 6/30/2011, 11:56 AM
gps, I just installed the download VMS11Plat and it includes the same NewBlue FX as in my box copy VMS10PlatPro. No tutorial DVD though.
Markk655 wrote on 7/1/2011, 9:39 AM
Some of the NB FX are the same, others are different. You also get updated versions (new OFX format) of the old ones. They work faster. The tutorial DVD is a separate download (accessible by the same link SCS sent you in your confirmation.
Marton wrote on 7/4/2011, 10:53 PM

"There is also a bug with projects that use 5.1 audio: sometimes the project doesn't reload. "

I often cannot reload projects, even if it'st not in 5.1 audio.
In this case first i click the import button, select the project file, and while importing it, i hit cancel. After that i can open this project as it should. Don't know why is it, and if it works also with the 5.1 bug.