VEGAS movie Studio 17 Platinum Pricing

Robbie wrote on 4/27/2020, 3:56 AM

As of right now, VMS17 is up on the Vegascreativesoftware website with the following pricing:

  • US - new purchase US79.99, upgrade US59.99 (75% of new purchase)
  • Britain - new purchase GBP59.99, upgrade GBP49.99 (83% of new purchase)
  • Europe - new purchase Eu69.99, upgrade US59.99 (86% of new purchase)
  • Australia - new purchase AUD99.99, upgrade AUD94.99 (95% of new purchase)

Anyone from MAGIX marketing care to comment on rationale and equity?

Cheers, Robbie (from, you guessed it, Aus)


vkmast wrote on 4/27/2020, 4:20 AM

I'd expect the "official" announcement of the new version on the forum later today when Madison WI, US wakes up.

Not sure if MAGIX Marketing will comment here.

And Marketing didn't seem to have enough time to proofread the product pages:


EricLNZ wrote on 4/27/2020, 6:04 AM

@Robbie Buy in US$.. From across the ditch I fortunately don't have the choice of NZ.

JohnM wrote on 4/27/2020, 5:01 PM

@Robbie we should be thankful that they aren't asking us to pay a premium to upgrade vs. new.

I think I'll skip v17. Neither the new features nor the price are particularly enticing.

FayFen wrote on 4/28/2020, 12:22 AM

@Robbie we should be thankful that they aren't asking us to pay a premium to upgrade vs. new.

I think I'll skip v17. Neither the new features nor the price are particularly enticing.

So do I.

AllieB wrote on 4/28/2020, 7:09 AM

Due to the relative high price I don´t think I will upgrade now. I have VMS16 for a relative short period now and than EUR 59,99 is too much.

des-condon wrote on 4/29/2020, 12:43 AM

The price quoted this morning for VMS 17 Suite was $99.99. I did not expect that to be AU$ and after purchase I saw that it actually cost me about AU$156.00.

Robbie wrote on 4/29/2020, 7:10 AM

yeah ... similar story on the Suite pricing. At USD$99 the US upgrade is 72% of new purchase price while at AUD$139 the Australian upgrade is 84% of the new purchase price.

I see the naming typo identified by Vkmast has been fixed ... just need them to fix the typos of the Upgrade prices on the /au/ (and other regions) page :-) But in all seriousness, I find the extent of the variances in Upgrade discounts between regions somewhat unfathomable and, well, disrespectful. I will be disappointed but probably not suprised if there is no comment from MAGIX/VEGAS Sales and Marketing as vkmast speculated, but sometoimes silence is much louder than spoken or written words.

Cheers, Robbie






VEGASDerek wrote on 4/29/2020, 8:01 AM

Sales and marketing typically do not take a look at this forum, so do not expect any response from them. With that said, I agree with you about the upgrade price for the Australian market. This issue has been mentioned to the marketing department and they are looking into it. I am not sure anything will be done in the short term, but we are aware of the concerns.

Robbie wrote on 4/30/2020, 7:46 AM

Thanks @VEGASDerek and please excuse the time zone delay in responding.  To be honest I hadn’t expected that Sales and Marketing would see my post or respond, but had hoped the message may find its way to them and that they would at least reflect on the  apparent lack of consistency in how they recognise and support the existing VEGAS community across all international regions – not just those of us in Australia – and how they would explain the current pricing model to the Community.  Frankly the actual $ value of the difference between upgrading at 95% and 75% of the new purchase price is relatively insignificant for me, although that may not be so for others.  As mentioned in my OP I was disappointed at the apparent inequity between regions and that the continued business of parts of the VEGAS Community somehow has less value than that of others.  The development team has stepped up to the challenge since the transition to MAGIX … hopefully sales and marketing can come along also.

Cheers, Robbie

Robbie wrote on 5/2/2020, 12:35 AM

I said my interest in this was equity, so in that spirit …

After digging deeper, based on current exchange rates there is actually a reasonable level of consistency in the Upgrade price with most regions coming in at between US$60 and US$65.  So if you are upgrading in Australia it is actually about the same price as upgrading in the US.  The real issue here is that there is quite a bit of variation on the New Purchase Price, with most regions actually getting a discounted price relative to the US.  At current exchange rates the New Purchase Prices on the /ca/ and to an even greater extent the /au/ web pages represent a fairly significant discount relative to the /us/ price – and it’s these discounted new purchase prices that make the upgrade prices look out of whack.  I’m guessing Magix is taking a hit on the new purchase prices to keep the advertised prices below the psychological $100 figure and hoping that the exchange rates will recover in the not too distant future.

... I no longer have a beef on the upgrade price.

Cheers, Robbie


JohnM wrote on 5/4/2020, 5:53 AM

Thanks for your investigation and explanation @Robbie

I now understand what they have done. However when you receive a promotional email saying "Movie Studio 17 upgrade offer Available until May 12, 2020" and then find out that the actual offer is worth next to nothing, it does leave the wrong impression on existing users.

Oh well, I'm not upgrading at the moment but may at some point in future.


FayFen wrote on 5/4/2020, 11:19 AM

Don't worry John, the offer will never end at may12, it will roll on till VMS18 next April.