Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum - V 11 - Updates

Larry Clifford wrote on 11/21/2015, 6:12 AM
My environment is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

I have a legal box copy of Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum (with serial number purchased from Sony) and the Build 322 installation update program for it.

Does anyone know if that was the last build?

If there is a more recent build:
What is the number for a 64-bit OS?
Does anyone have a copy of the file they could send me or know where I could download a copy? I don't believe that is piracy because I have a valid license. I just want the update file.

I am not planning to buy a more recent version at this time. Maybe I will do that when I update to Windows 10, but I am waiting for that to settle down for now.

Thank you for your help,


vkmast wrote on 11/21/2015, 6:59 AM
The last build of MSPlatinum 11 was # 322. Using builds 283 and later "Vegas Movie Studio can now address up to 4 GB of memory when running on a 64-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7."
64-bit support was added in MSP 12.

You can check from inside your software by going to Help menu > Sony on the Web > Latest Updates. It will tell you if there is an update available.
Your My Account > My Software should tell you available free updates as well.

Updates for older versions may also be found here.