Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16.0 Is this normal?

Enigma wrote on 10/14/2019, 1:24 AM

A while back I was in the market for buying some video editing software and I was checking out for what they offered as I often buy products from there and I'm typically satisfied with the results. I saw MSP16 on sale and decided to buy it. Fast forward to more recently and I'm using it and checking out some of the features as I was trying to add something in particular and was watching tutorials to see how to do it. I noticed that my program looked a little bit different and was confused by it. I figured maybe it was due to the version being different maybe but then when I was looking through the menu bar I went to view > extensions and I just see the "option" of "PiratedVersionDialog". When I click it, a pop up appears in Chinese.

I asked around and was directed to try Magix customer service but since this is a Vegas specific software it seems more accurate to ask here. My question is, did ship me a pirated/defective/faulty disc? I ordered the product a few months back now so I doubt they'll be willing to exchange it or give me a refund. On the Amazon site it says "Sold by VEGAS Creative Software and Fulfilled by Amazon." So I'm lead to believe that this is a legit place to purchase the product from so I'm hoping the problem is something else. I'm just confused and a bit disappointed unless of course this is supposed to happen. I'm a bit new to editing software.



vkmast wrote on 10/14/2019, 2:03 AM

This is a bug in build #142 of MSP 16. Promised to be solved in a future update (see here, posts #8 and 12, noted also here). ("Just don't touch it".)

Note: for VEGAS support try using