Vegas Pro and BORIS FX Plugins

Cobra wrote on 12/8/2021, 2:42 PM

I have always enjoyed Vegas tried to switch to Premiere Pro but the layout of Vegas and the timeline and editing capabilities are unbeatable. Problem is that Vegas crashes a lot on my end. Even the Vegas 19 hasn't improved on that section. Especially if I have a loaded project with lots of videos and transitions it takes forever. I know you need more hardware/software info about this but I think it has to do with the plugins that I am using. The only thing I can share is that I use both high end PC and Laptop (now I am using an HP Victus AMD 5800H 32GB Ram + 3060GTX) as I have to travel.

So I will target my question only about the plugins.


Does plugins affect the speed and stability of Vegas ?

I have been using the S_Blurmocurves a lot

and the Red Giant Universe which I have seen major performance impact once I run some plugins.

I just wish Vegas had these abilities implemented (motion blur, shutter angle, matching X/Y, better subtitle and titles FX ) so I do not need to use any plugins at all.

For me I find the titles and text outdated (who is using "FLOAT and POP" in their edits?) This could be in video edit of the 90's.

Bring us a new and modern LOWER thirds option. More fonts, motion blur with a single click (like After Effects)

I also find the color corrector FX really weak. It should be updated like the Adobe Premiere lumetri is easy and gives great results out of the box. There are sliders that you can easily fix highlights, shadows. The new color grading system was a small upgrade as it makes things more complicated and does not give the same results. Also why you cannot PREVIEW the look of LUTS that you are applying for in a small thumbnail?








Former user wrote on 12/8/2021, 3:43 PM

@Cobra Hi, 1.08min 4k 3840x2160 60p clip, playback 60fps no prob @ Good (Full), I applied S_BlurMoCurves - Back to the Future & added proxy. 60fps playback was reduced to 18fps in Good (Full) , Good (Auto) i get 51fps but Auto doesn't give a true look which is important when adding these fxs. even going right down to Preview (Auto) which is a really crap image on screen i never got the full consistent 60fps with just that one fx added.

this doesn't surprise me tho, a large amount of the Boris plugins slow down Vegas on my machine, sometimes beyond use.

vkmast wrote on 12/8/2021, 4:19 PM

@Former user I'm sorry to read that you hold the hard-working VEGAS development team in such a low regard.

Please note CR #6.

Former user wrote on 12/8/2021, 4:26 PM

@vkmast Just a joke

I've removed it

xcxz-a wrote on 12/8/2021, 10:40 PM

@Former user I see that you are converting the host to AVID Media Composer. Is it because of the lagging performance of Vegas Pro when comparing to Magix Movie Edit, and the incomplete function of Boris product in Vegas when comparing to AVID, Resolve, Premiere?

Former user wrote on 12/8/2021, 11:04 PM


Does plugins affect the speed and stability of Vegas ?

I have been using the S_Blurmocurves a lot

and the Red Giant Universe which I have seen major performance impact once I run some plugins.

I read a comment from someone that seemed to know what they were taking about that Vegas is not capable of multhreaded workloads via ofx plugins, with an assumption that other NLE's are capable of multhreaded processing via the ofx plugin. @Former user has done some testing in this area with sapphire plugins. Of note is when you use a certain basic plugins run it at default values, Resolve and Vegas are both slower, and both aren't able to fully use all their resources of GPU and CPU, but when you use the plugin's built in mocha to track 3 areas Vegas becomes much slower than Resolve. That may indicate the comments about Vegas not able to do multithreaded processing using plugins such as sapphire is probably true

If you're not using mocha and you're complaining about general slowdown and lack of resources being used with sapphire plugins, I think it's a limitation of their OFX plugins. I've heard people say how much faster Boris plugins can run on Premiere compared to Resolve (Resolve uses OFX, Premiere doesn't) and we wouldn't normally expect that to be true if everything was equal, Resolve should blow Premiere out of the water

Cobra wrote on 12/10/2021, 2:26 AM

Thanks for the answers. I can verify that my machine performance is dropped significantly with Boris FX, and sometimes it fails to autosave causing my project to crash. I also think the order versions where less demanding. I wish I could find a similar plugin that works better with Vegas. S_Blurmocurves is amazing when you are trying to make a transition through two scenes.