VP18 - Notes on the 8 bit full level option


RogerS wrote on 12/2/2020, 7:15 PM

@marcinzm In general just leave the project at 8-bit full and don't do anything more to the footage. Uncheck 16-235 limited on the scopes. Vegas will automatically match them all, no "leveling" needed. Vegas will conform to 16-235 video levels upon output.

However some cameras have levels that don't match the metadata, so to be sure you need to do your own tests. One camera doesn't necessarily have the same range across its different modes or profiles.

Here's a reference for what different cameras shoot and how to perform the test yourself:

Basically shoot something pure black then pure white.

The Sony cameras I can answer as they are all the same- it depends on what profile you are using. Log formats are full. Cine is 16-255 tagged limited except for Cine 2 which is 16-235 also tagged limited.