Your product refuses to activate with my activation code.

Thisis-Ridiculo wrote on 8/19/2020, 8:00 PM

I turned off my firewall COMPLETELY, Ive uninstalled and reinstalled, Ive updated windows. the product registration works fine on your website but the tells me i have no internet connection when trying to register via the program itself. beyond frustrated. I payed money for this product. why am i having to spend a full hour of my time trying and failing to activate it with a proper activation key?! this is RIDICULOUS!


Sony Vegas Pro 14

I'm on windows 7 home edition


Im not listing my hardware specs. ive already wasted an hour on this.


I look forward to a generic reply with no solid solutions.


Why would I ever give your company money again?


EricLNZ wrote on 8/19/2020, 9:26 PM

This is a user forum. Your fellow forum members are not Magix, although Magix employees occasionally visit.

You say you've tuned off your firewall completely. Does that include checking that Windows Defender isn't lurking in the background? It has been known to cause problems.

vkmast wrote on 8/20/2020, 12:11 AM

MAGIX does not sell any "Sony Vegas" 14. Did you buy your copy of the software from a reliable online 3rd party source?