Can't find out how to redownload dvd architect 5.0

Wolfy2000 wrote on 8/22/2021, 1:45 AM

It said i could go tot he products page but i don't have a products page - I clicked to reverify my serial number - but it said it was already verified - now im not sure what to do, if I could simply find a download to reinstall dvd architect studio 5 - then i could simply put in the serial number and activate it - but again - if i don't have a product list to download it in, then what the heck should i do now?


vkmast wrote on 8/22/2021, 2:09 AM

If you have a serial number for the software, try

I just tested with my serial number for the software you mention and the download was available. If a browser (Chrome) does not download (without the workaround - copy/paste the link text to the browser), try e.g. Edge.

Btw, there is a rather comprehensive FAQ on this here (linked in the pinned main FAQs page). wrote on 9/29/2021, 12:24 AM

Are you aware of any possible way to contact Vegas support? I have a message that says DVD Architect will expire in 6 days but no way to renew. When I go to the support forum --> "Ask Support"

It comically runs me around in circles. VKMast, do you think this is a reputable company or some kind of a huckster?

vkmast wrote on 9/29/2021, 4:10 AM

Online Live Chat advice: "Please visit between 12:00 and 4:00 Central (currently GMT-5) Monday through Friday and use the chat widget in the lower-right-hand corner to chat directly with a support rep." (Please note that "Ask Support" does not "run me [or you] around in circles" if you click "Search for Other Solutions".)

Re "expire", I think (most of) this comment is still valid. Check with Live Chat though. None of my 30 or so Sony SCS or MAGIX VEGAS perpetual licenses have so far expired.

And since you asked, I don't think the company MAGIX is "some kind of a huckster".

Edit: please see also your own thread.