Embedding Chapter Markers in MP4 Containers

rtbond wrote on 8/23/2019, 8:40 AM

Is it still the case that Vegas Pro (I have v15) does not support producing MP4 files with chapter markers (based on Event markers in Vegas)? I found a 2015 thread that describes an external solution.


fr0sty wrote on 8/23/2019, 10:34 AM

I'm not sure, but you can download a free demo of 17 to test it for yourself.

JackW wrote on 8/23/2019, 11:49 AM

I've used the method John Meyer describes in the 2015 thread, using Drax. It works well.

rtbond wrote on 8/23/2019, 3:45 PM

OK, I used Drax tool to add the Vegas Pro (v15 in my case) Markers to the Vegas Pro rendered AVC encoded MP4 file. Below are a modified set of instructions to do this based on a 2009 thread. (the Vegas steps were augmented slightly)


1.       Render your file to AVC encoded output (using MAGIX or Sony AVC templates), and rename the .mp4 extension to .m4v (important).

2.       With your Vegas project open, make sure to set the project’s Time Ruler format to "Time" (not “Time & frames” or one of the other timeline formats). Go to File->Properties->Ruler for this setting

3.       Open Edit Details (View->Window->Show Edit Details).

4.       Choose Markers / All Fields.

5.       Click the upper left box to select the whole table. Ctrl->C to copy the marker data.

6.       Open a new Text file on your desktop. Paste the marker data into the file. Save the text file ("Chapters.txt" for example).

7.       Edit the saved text file, deleting the column heading (first line in file) and add a new first line that contains “00:00:00.000                   Begin” (or use another chapter name of your choosing besides “Begin”) -- Drax seems to want the first chapter marker in the import file to be at "“00:00:00.000"


1.       Open your renamed .m4v file.

2.       Click on the "Chapters" tab at the bottom of the window.

3.       Go to File->Import Chapters

4.       Click on your newly-created "chapters.txt" file (you can also edit or add chapters manually if wanted).

5. When the new chapters have imported successfully, click File->Save.

So now when I open the Drax modified M4V-wrapped AVC file the "Next Chapter" button in VLC media player advanced to the next Vegas created marker (same should happen with other media players)

Musicvid wrote on 8/23/2019, 6:09 PM

I originated this method with the author of Drax.

I'm glad to see it is still working after fully ten years!


Note: These are for Apple-style M4V / MP4 / MOV markers. They are not the same as DVD and Bluray chapter markers.

The link above also tells how to do this in Vegasaur.

JackW wrote on 8/24/2019, 12:12 AM

Musicvid: I didn't realize you had been involved with Drax. Thanks; it saved my bacon on a huge job we had with a local hospital. It's not necessary very often, but it's a great tool for the kit when needed.

Peter_P wrote on 8/24/2019, 1:07 AM

To ease chapter/marker export you may also use my ExportMarkerSFL as decribed in this thread.

rtbond wrote on 8/25/2019, 5:44 PM

To ease chapter/marker export you may also use my ExportMarkerSFL as decribed in this thread.

Good to know for HEVC content. Do we know if this HEVC marker issue still exists in VP 17.?

Peter_P wrote on 8/26/2019, 12:47 AM

As far as I know also Vp17 does not output markers to any MP4 container.

Musicvid wrote on 9/7/2019, 11:30 AM


Thanks for keeping us up to date on this method. I had a need to use it this week on a large archiving project, and your updated instructions worked without a hitch. Thanks!