(FAQ) Where can I download VEGAS Movie Studio 17 or earlier?

NickHope wrote on 2/25/2022, 3:07 AM

This post explains how you can download VEGAS Movie Studio version 17 or earlier. VEGAS Movie Studio, a feature-reduced sibling of VEGAS Pro, has now been discontinued, and the Movie Studio name has been given to MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, a different application. If you wish to download that application, see steps 2-4 below. Help can be found on the MAGIX forum.

Download links for VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Post can be found in a separate post.

There are a number of places where VEGAS Movie Studio can be downloaded.

1. VEGAS SERVICE CENTER (and manual product registration)

  • Visit the VEGAS Service Center
  • Login if necessary
  • Click "My products" (If you don't see it, see next bullet point)
  • Missing products can be added by returning to the previous page and clicking "Product registration". When registering, if your product is an old Sony version of Movie Studio, you can enter "Sony Creative Software" as the place of purchase unless bought from a 3rd-party retailer.


Your software can also be downloaded from the MAGIX Service Center. The procedure is exactly the same as for the VEGAS Service Center. Your VEGAS applications should appear in both sites.


Your software can also be downloaded by entering your serial number(s) at the MAGIX Download Center.


Later versions of VEGAS Movie Studio prompt automatically when a new update is available, and the update can be downloaded from within the application.

You can also check manually via the Help menu > Check for Software Updates...

5. DIRECT LINKS (including earlier patch releases)

After installing via a download manager, the larger installers may also be left behind after installation on your system in a folder such as Documents\MAGIX Downloads\Installationsmanager.

To roll back to a previous update you would usually have to uninstall VEGAS Movie Studio first.


The installers for the old Sony Creative Software versions of Vegas software have now been removed from Sony's servers, however many of them are still accessible via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine or other 3rd party sites:

A list of your orders from Sony Creative Software is still available at https://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/myaccount/myorders and your serial numbers at https://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/myaccount/mysoftware. It is recommended that you take a copy of your serial numbers in case they are removed from that page. You can also search your emails for order confirmations from confirm@sonycreativesoftware.com which included serial numbers.


You can get assistance with missing products and downloads at the MAGIX Support site. Technical support for using the software is via the VEGAS Service Center. For installation issues see this post.



NickHope wrote on 2/25/2022, 9:27 AM

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vkmast wrote on 4/12/2022, 6:07 AM

FYI regarding MAGIX versions of Movie Studio/Movie Edit Pro: