h264 - & Dec.2014 -Vegas offer

UKharrie wrote on 12/5/2014, 10:21 AM
In reverse order:
That Offer which looks like ProSuite users are getting nearly everything they already own for $200. Not sure I'd be too impressed by that despite Sony putting a $359 value on it.....but maybe Sony thinks it really knows best...
Oh yes and - don't you mean "Movie Studio" ( in the Upgrade price Options)? - you have written "move" - Time to add that missing "I" methinks . . . . and a Merry Christmas... to all who missed it.

h264 is the most-popular small file format I'm told. Yet nowhere do I see it under "Comparisons" when looking at Movie Studio v13.
Currently I'm using MSv12 Production Suite and I can't find it there either.
+Most of my videos are rendered as m2ts ( under the list by Sony when I match-media) - and this appears to play from the HDD Also OK when copied, to a USB3 Memory Stick - which then plays on my BlueRay player's USB-input, despite m2ts not being listed in the Player-Spec. What they do show is mp4 - so I'm slightly bemused.... thoughts?

Vegas Offer (-2) I note that the Customer Services are still selling the Hitfilmv2 with vegas pro, presumably the December offer will be included?

Another Q.
What are these
"impulse files" - sorry I can't trawl the site while composing/editing . . . they look to be some sort of sound-forge file.

Can't help thinking it would be useful to include ( a dedicated ). Forum-chatter on these items, right next to the product description, so one can see what others are saying - this should help sales as folk will ( hopefully ) quickly assess their need for the Product.

MODERATOR: - I suggest you Edit the above as Sony replies, so as to present a clean-face, etc.

Also, whilst asking - what is Noise Reduction plug-in?
+ It appears to offer the answer to the most common noise issues, yet is cheaper than Spectral Layers which I thought was the Gold-Standard....Is Noise Reduction really a simpler front-end to "SL-Lite" perhaps?
+. as it seems to be able to remove regular background noises like motor-noise, which can't be done by simple bandwidth fiddles. - - - - Dunno.


DocSatori wrote on 12/5/2014, 11:53 AM
Is it just me or does any of this poster's nonsense belong here on a forum like this? I see spelling corrections in sentences that are so grammatically flawed, I'm unsure what the poster is trying to say. I'm pretty tolerent and patient with people whose first language is non-English on here; but. what are we to make of this?
vkmast wrote on 12/5/2014, 2:45 PM
Doc, thanks:) I tried to make some of this...
A bit outdated maybe, but still...Which video format should I render as



>>>Oh yes and - don't you mean "Movie Studio" ( in the Upgrade price Options)? - you have written "move"<<<
Haven't noticed that, but a good find, I'm sure.

>>>MODERATOR: - I suggest you Edit the above...<<<

D7K wrote on 12/5/2014, 7:48 PM
+1 to remove
MSmart wrote on 12/8/2014, 9:33 PM
The last word of his post says it all...... Dunno.
TroyTheTech wrote on 12/13/2014, 4:04 AM
I'll give it a shot:

- Merry Christmas, heh.

- H.264/AVC is listed in the Comparisons page as "GPU-accelerated AVC/H.264 encoding"

- M2TS is a standard container for material playback on many devices (MPEG-2 Transport Stream), it is used to assure playback/writing compatibility for AVCHD/Bluray discs, etc. It usually contains MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format material and can have (as does Sony's XAVC container) h.264/AVC material inside as well.

- no idea about that offer

- Impulse files are part of the plugin "Acoustic Mirrors" and can help create acoustic filters, I believe

- Real time chat would be beneficial in that way, but usually leads to tendencies of spam, profanity, etc.

- Noise Reduction sadly does not exist in Vegas Movie Studio, but Audio-only Noise Reduction has a few options, but - nothing against Movie Studio or Sound Forge - I find myself using the freeware "Audacity" to create a noise profile (of the motor, for instance) and then apply that to the entire clip. It usually works quite well in removing background noise

Good luck with all of that!
UKharrie wrote on 12/16/2014, 5:36 PM
Sorry if my forum offering offends you, but this is an area where folks, including me, are in effect chattering. Mostly "Er's and Umm's" are omitted, but other minor gramatical gremlins can easily slip through. Maybe I shouldn't visit the Forum at the end of the day - that might assist generally. However, larger fonts would be a welcome change - how about that Sony?

What makes you think English isn't my first language? - Or, was your final sentence aimed elsewhere, perhaps?
+Can you say, briefly, what spelling errors you found in Post 1.?
Oh yes, and a Very Merry Christmas, Seasonal Greetings, etc.
vkmast wrote on 12/16/2014, 8:49 PM
harrie, though you're asking the good Doc, I'd like to answer if I may. We are indeed at the end of the day and I feel like that so forgive me:)
You seem to take exception to his "I see spelling corrections in sentences that are so grammatically flawed". My first language is non-English (and he has been tolerant with me for instance), but I understood he saw "grammatically flawed sentences" which included "spelling corrections" in Post 1 and that puzzled him somewhat. As for your minor gremlins, I think the score is one all in this thread now.

The larger fonts are OT here, but as we're here to "share tips and advice", not just "chatter": if you look around you'll find a way on the forum. Remember Mr Sony doesn't come here often.

Back on topic, you did not comment, if you got any tips and advice as regards your questions from some of your peers that at least gave it a shot.