Horrible Audio Static when importing it into the program

Tyla-Parks wrote on 5/7/2022, 11:43 PM

I am using Vegas Pro 19 and every time I import a video (mp4), the audio has this horrible static over it. I tried importing just a wave file and that also had the horrible static. I have tried restarting my PC, restarting the program, the internal preference method, and the Magix Low Latency 2016 method. All did not help. I really wanted to try this program out but this is a major set back.


jetdv wrote on 5/8/2022, 7:05 AM

Have you tried holding down CTRL-SHIFT and continue holding it down while starting VEGAS? Then in the window that opens, check the "Clear cache" dialog and proceed to open VEGAS.

vkmast wrote on 5/8/2022, 7:16 AM

The full resetting instructions (follow closely):

https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/faq-how-can-i-reset-vegas-pro-to-default-settings--104646/ .

Tyla-Parks wrote on 5/8/2022, 8:42 AM

I have also done the reset option. That also did not work

vkmast wrote on 5/8/2022, 8:52 AM

I assume you have also seen this thread.


Tyla-Parks wrote on 5/8/2022, 9:48 AM

@vkmast I did see that thread. Nothing seems to work. My sound driver is also up to date.

rraud wrote on 5/8/2022, 2:21 PM

@Tyla-Parks, can you post one of the actual files on Google drive, Dropbox or WeTansfer.

Have you tried playing it in Sound Forge.

Tyla-Parks wrote on 5/9/2022, 6:46 PM

@rraud I'm not entirely sure how to do that. Do you just want pictures on Google drive or the actual file? I did try to play it in sound forge and the static noise is just as bad.

rraud wrote on 5/10/2022, 9:45 AM

Do you just want pictures on Google drive or the actual file?

the actual file.