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VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 7/15/2021, 10:43 AM

VEGAS Forum users,

It’s time for a new era! VEGAS Movie Studio will no longer be developed in its current form by VEGAS Creative Software. Instead, we’re pleased to announce a product in collaboration with our parent corporation MAGIX, built on the Movie Edit Pro Infusion Engine, called Movie Studio 18.

It marks the beginning of the rebrand of Movie Edit Pro for all non-German speaking countries, designed for beginners and advanced users.

If you want to learn more about Movie Studio 18, check out the product page for more information: https://bit.ly/36FArwZ.

To help with the transition from VEGAS Movie Studio 17 to MAGIX Movie Studio 18, MAGIX has prepared various tutorials. You can also learn more and receive support from other Movie Edit Pro and Movie Studio 18 users at https://www.magix.info/

If you want to stay in the familiar VEGAS universe, we want to offer you the opportunity to upgrade to VEGAS Pro Edit 18 for $99.00. Find out more at https://bit.ly/3ky7pHA.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Best wishes,



AllieB wrote on 7/16/2021, 12:43 PM

https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/index.php?id=8556&L=52; this link leads you to the US-site where you as a EU customer can´t buy.

vkmast wrote on 7/16/2021, 2:57 PM

@AllieB try https://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/int/index.php/?id=8556&L=52; or change int to your area, that is "de", "gb", "ca" etc.)

Dimitrios wrote on 7/16/2021, 3:29 PM

Interesting. I hope this doesn't mean pro is going away. Though changing the name might not be the worst idea as it is terrible for seo or knowing what the product is.

Robbie wrote on 7/16/2021, 8:34 PM

@VEGAS_CommunityManager @gary-rebholz @VEGASDerek

Sounds like a good migration offer for VMS users who would prefer not to transition to another product line. Given how the process has unfolded perhaps MAGIX can consider a couple of other offers:

  1. Enable anyone who activated a VMS17 trial prior to the demise of VMS to actually purchase a copy of VMS17 (I know of one case caught in this position).
  2. Enable anyone who purchased MS18 in the belief it was an anticipated VMS upgrade (and not a cross-grade offer to another product) to return their MS18 license for a credit towards the new offer to upgrade to VP18.

Cheers, Robbie

Ps No personal vested interest in these suggestrions as I don't fall into either group.

AllieB wrote on 7/17/2021, 5:24 AM

@vkmast Thank you for the link but these links me to the official upgrade-site. The offered price there is Eur 149 where the US-site offered §99.

vkmast wrote on 7/17/2021, 5:33 AM

@AllieBso you didn't get the $99 at the /int/ site as shown in my screenshot when you proceeded to "upgrade"? I can only advise you to ask emailing infoservice@magix.net or shop@magix.net. Sorry.


AllieB wrote on 7/17/2021, 6:02 AM

@vkmast This is what I get, it is in Dutch but you can clearly see that the upgrade price is Eur 149.

But thanks for your effort.


Upgrade: VEGAS Pro 18 Edit VEGAS Pro 18 Edit opens the gates to creativity

€ 149,00 i.p.v. € 399,00

Prijzen incl. BTW.,

Nu upgraden

Informatie bij de upgrade

Geldig tot 1. augustus 2021

Nieuwe versie gratis

Koop nu een VEGAS Pro 18-product & ontvang de nieuwe versie van het betreffende product gratis!

Bespaar 58 %


vkmast wrote on 7/17/2021, 6:22 AM

@AllieB doesn't that offer include VP 18 Edit + VP 19 Edit free?

"Geldig tot 1. augustus 2021

Nieuwe versie gratis

Koop nu een VEGAS Pro 18-product & ontvang de nieuwe versie van het betreffende product gratis!"

AllieB wrote on 7/17/2021, 6:32 AM

@vkmast Yes you are right I have overseen that. The offer include indeed the V18 and a free update later to the expected V19.

Thanks for clarifying,


vkmast wrote on 7/17/2021, 6:35 AM

Great. Thank you for confirming.


Tech_Dive wrote on 7/17/2021, 10:03 AM

@VEGAS_CommunityManager I'm working on a video to explain it to my subscribers. I'd like to note, as an affiliate, I've got years of video presenting one sofware with an affiliate link that is suddenly selling another. I woke up to a nightmare.

Dr Zen wrote on 7/17/2021, 10:28 AM

Hi @Tech_Dive
Yes I am in the same situation as yourself. As you may know, Magix recently shut down their "in house" affiliate management system and now use the 3rd party Rakuten Linkshare system. That change alone meant I had to change 100's of links on my website, forum and YouTube channel "Movie Studio Zen".
I'm now having to re-edit all my "Vegas Movie Studio" affiliate links, so that I don't confuse and/or upset anyone.
This is one of my worries with what Magix Germany has done - it can possibly reflect badly on us, if we don't "clear the air" and explain to our subscribers what has happened.
Like yourself, I will be posting a Warning Message video on my YouTube channel tomorrow and asking everyone to share it as widely as possible.
My emotions have been going up and down for last couple of days. I almost considered doing something drastic and deleting my website completely, so that I could start fresh with different software. Thankfully today, I realize that Magix Germany is the main cause of problem and Vegas Creative Software team in USA were in the dark to this stupid con job. I'll be moving forward and fully supporting Vegas Pro from now on. However, I need to find a replacement "beginners" video editor that I can get behind, learn and teach again on YouTube.
I'm determined to find a positive angle and not get bogged down in negativity!

Reyfox wrote on 7/17/2021, 12:18 PM

@Dr Zen the consumer editing field is littered with software that is problematic for various reasons. I have had several over the years, and still use them on occasion. They do some things better and faster than Vegas Pro.

Maybe you should consider Movie Studio 18 (Magix rebranded Movie Edit Pro 2021). The software isn't bad. I had 2016, but also have Video Pro X, the pro version to MEP. Like VP and VMS were.

@Tech_Dive I watched the video. It's good to get one out right away. Now... possibly do another with concise points and possible future direction you are going. Just Vegas Pro? Or considering (and this is what I think Magix should do) is give all of you MS18 for free to test and see for yourself if it's a product worth promoting.

janndk wrote on 7/17/2021, 1:14 PM

So, Movie Studio (as a "little brother" of Vegas Pro) is gone, and Movie Edit Pro is now sold under two different names and brands - as MAGIX Movie Edit Pro and as VEGAS Movie Studio? Or how to understand this? 

vkmast wrote on 7/17/2021, 1:19 PM

VEGAS Movie Studio is gone (that was the "little brother"). The "new" Movie Studio (18) is a MAGIX product.


janndk wrote on 7/17/2021, 1:44 PM

VEGAS Movie Studio is gone (that was the "little brother"). The "new" Movie Studio (18) is a MAGIX product.


But is "Movie Studio 18" the same product as "Movie Edit Pro 2021" (just a different name)?

vkmast wrote on 7/17/2021, 1:46 PM

Please see the OP (and user Reyfox above).

Tech_Dive wrote on 7/17/2021, 5:08 PM

@Dr Zen I think with 365 being so cheap, I'm going to encourage beginners to bite the bullet, myself. I'm with you though, it was a lot of work retooling everything just to end up accidentally being a tool. I never imagined I'd have video actively asking people to use a link that buys a different software to what I was presenting. Lot's of respect to your work. I think we both covered movie studio the most... @Reyfox I'm already teaching Vegas Image, DVD Architect, Vegas Effects, Vegas Pro, and I'm trying to get into Vegas Pro scripting. Learning a whole new software (that I've not been offered) sounds menacing. I'm still needing to introduce soundforge already. The trouble is, I have to learn it well enough to do be a defacto voice or I'm just wasting everyone's time. I'll have a better plan soon.

EricLNZ wrote on 7/17/2021, 6:34 PM

There's no rush for us consumers to find a new product. VMS Plat 17, despite its bugs, is a good product. It should last us for several years, until technology changes leave it behind. MEP aka MS18 has some good points but weak in others. My biggest problem (unless its recently changed) is its lack of a Media Pane for media management.

FayFen wrote on 7/18/2021, 8:13 AM

The $99 offer works only if you click it once logged to the forum, if not it will take you elsewhere.

* You can check this by copy/paste the link to incognito mode.

Reyfox wrote on 7/18/2021, 12:56 PM

@Tech_Dive I always keep my door open in the editing software world. Some software, if I can't start doing simple edits right away, they get uninstalled (think Avid Media Composer First). You, @ScrapyardFilms, @Dr Zen and others who have done a ton VMS tutorials and have links have your work cut out for you.

As for MS18 (for some reason, I keep thinking about the gang MS13), I have the "pro" version Video Pro X. It's "different" compared to Vegas Pro. It depends on your needs and what the software can do for you.

The pain of what has happened is new. I wonder what next week will bring....

john-brown wrote on 7/18/2021, 10:54 PM

@Dr Zen


...Thankfully today, I realize that Magix Germany is the main cause of problem and Vegas Creative Software team in USA were in the dark to this stupid con job. ...

As was stated in a message from a Vegas team member, it was a Vegas decision to drop VMS to be able to concentrate its resources on Vegas Pro as both products had been suffering. Magix wanted VMS to continue, but the Vegas team refused. Magix came up with the idea to modify Movie Edit Pro to be able to import VMS files and move VMS users to a newly minted Magix Movie Studio.

Unfortunately, marketing people, being marketing people, got ahead of themselves and didn't properly think this thing through before the disastrous launch. Hopefully, Magix will do some damage control this week.

John CB

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BrDuj wrote on 7/19/2021, 10:19 AM

well changing the name of a product to get its users base... not kind...
i bought the movie studio 18 ..thinking it was a evolution of vegas 13... what a shame..same level as kdenlive...or openshot...useless

Reyfox wrote on 7/19/2021, 10:58 AM

....I am sure others that actually use the software don't think it's useless. It isn't VMS for sure. I understand the frustration and anger from being deceived with this whole mess.

The software does work (I have Video Pro X) and timeline playback is never an issue for one....