Online connection error

Candi-B wrote on 11/13/2021, 4:12 PM

I have Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Version 14 build 91. My OS is Windows10. When I installed the program I had no issues creating videos. I hadn't installed the DVD Architect yet, I was trying to upload to Facebook and had issues. I thought it was my inexperience. Now I can't even start the program without getting the error "An online connection could not be established....". I've done everything to make sure my firewall was set to accept anything from them. Also I've made sure my internet is setup correctly too. I've scoured the web for any help and have done so many things that they've suggested to no avail. I'm at my wits end. I really love my Vegas Movie Studio, it's my second buy. I bought a new computer and had to buy this version. It just makes me sick to think of going to another software and I'm really hoping someone has an answer to this issue. Any help will be so appreciated.



EricLNZ wrote on 11/13/2021, 8:17 PM

Try a "Factory Reset" when trying to start. Instructions here

It applies to VMS as well as VP. Make sure you tick the box to clear the cache.

Candi-B wrote on 11/14/2021, 7:17 PM

Hi EricLNZ, thank you for replying to my issue. I tried EVERYTHING that was suggested in that link. Nothing worked. I never get to the "splash" screen, now it goes straight to a dialog box "Activate with serial number....", I enter my information and then it goes straight back to the original error message "An online connection could not be established.....". I read on another blog to "deactivate" your device and then "reactivate" it. I deactivated it and it's still not allowing me a online connection. I even thought about purchasing the Version 18 software, I saw you could try it as a "trial". NO luck there either.... "MAGIX installation manager, An error had occurred during communication. Please check your internet connection...." My internet is set up fine. I'm just shaking my head. I thought I could contact MAGIX customer care but it sends me to this forum. I again would appreciate any help anyone could give me. Right now I feel like throwing it in the garbage. So sad!

EricLNZ wrote on 11/14/2021, 8:04 PM

MS18 is not a Vegas product anyway.

Search this forum for internet connection problems. It could just be something interfering. What security do you use e.g. MS Defender?

vkmast wrote on 11/15/2021, 3:44 AM

Please note also that both and (for VEGAS products) have the "Ask Support" option. Click that and proceed as advised e.g. here.

Candi-B wrote on 11/15/2021, 9:13 AM

Thank you for replying EricLNZ and vkmast. My security is Webroot. And boy have I spent the hours scouring this forum for internet connection problems. My next question is could it be an issue between using Chrome or Microsoft Edge? I was able to download a trial of Vegas Pro Version 19 using a link someone on the forum had for bypassing Chrome and using Edge. But needless to say I'm getting pretty burned out with all of this, I'm going to try vkmast's suggestion and see if the "Support" can get this straightened out. It's all just so confusing and exhausting. Thank you to both of you!

Steve-L wrote on 6/13/2022, 2:52 PM

I'm having the same problem all of a sudden I'm getting Network errors. Can't find anything. Is it possible because I recently installed it on my laptop as well? I have a lot of software on my desk top as long as I don't run them at the same time it's good. Could this be the reason? I'm afraid to de-activate it or uninstall on the laptop just in case.

EricLNZ wrote on 6/13/2022, 8:20 PM


  1. Are you on a network of any kind other than a private home wifi setup?
  2. What software are you trying to use and exactly what happens? What is the error message?
  3. Is the same software still working on your laptop?
Steve-L wrote on 6/14/2022, 7:46 PM

Just Home wi fi

Vegas Pro 19 \ Trying to re install it I get "An error had occured during communication. Please check...

When I had it installed I got "An online connection could not be established." Gave me an option to Reset Internet settings but that didn't work.

My laptop has Vegas edit 19 older build 3?? Working fine

I even had the back up disk for 18 it let me install but wouldn't activate either (on the desk top only)

Steve-L wrote on 6/14/2022, 7:49 PM

Thank you BTW for quick response I couldn't find where to tell if anyone responded till now. The email went to Junk I was looking for something else and found it.

EricLNZ wrote on 6/14/2022, 9:35 PM

@Steve-L I wonder what is different between your Laptop and PC? Do they have the same security systems?

Presumably you've tried temporarily turning off your security system to see if that makes any difference. If you use Windows Defender that has been known to cause problems with Vegas ringing home.


Steve-L wrote on 6/14/2022, 11:12 PM

I have Norton and yes I tried shutting everything off. Norton is on the laptop as well. It wasn't until I updated to the latest build is when it started. I even tried resetting all the ports through the command prompt. I'll try the link above by vkmast I wasn't able to find away before to get in touch with anyone just answers to common questions and the answer for this was not only very complicated it was slightly vague I'm not a tech person. But I've had windows since 3.1 so I'm use to messing with the dos stuff. Hopefully there is an easier fix.

Steve-L wrote on 6/14/2022, 11:17 PM

BTW this is what I got for an answer can anyone explain how to do this? "

Is the NLM running correctly on the server?

Open the NLM status and check to see if the service is running and if there are any available licenses.

Is the port required for the NLM open on your firewall?

The TCP connections port must be open on both the server and the client. Also be sure to check any firewalls/routers between the client and server to see if the right ports are open.

Is the client using the right address and server port entries?

Use a text editing program to check the program's install.cfg file. This file is located in the program folder (e.g. in Windows 7: C:\Program Files\Magix\Program Name\). In the file, you'll find the following two entries:

Are the client and server experiencing any other communication issues?

You can test the communication between client and server by using Telnet on the client. To do this, enter telnet "server address" "NLM port" in the command line. A console window (without any meaningful output) should then open. If there are any communication errors when you do this, check your firewalls and the NLM which is running.

Also use the NLM status to check whether the number of "licenses in use" changes when you start the client. If it does, and you still get an error message, the problem lies somewhere on the way from the server to client. If the number of available licenses does not change, the communication path from the client to the server is likely blocked.

EricLNZ wrote on 6/15/2022, 3:38 AM

@Steve-L Sorry it's all way over my head. I did however look at the cfg file and both entries are there as shown (with nothing after the =).

Steve-L wrote on 6/15/2022, 8:50 AM

Your not gonna believe this...The email I got from support gave me another thread to look at before I decided if it helped or not. I think maybe it did. In the forum thread they sent me, someone mentioned they still use Internet explorer for communicating to the clients (I'm probably wording that wrong but you get the idea) Well, somewhere along the way in my efforts to clean up Win 10 I uninstalled IE. pooph! All I had to do is downloaded it again from Microsoft but it didn't seem to take on the install just quickly said it was done and Restart, so I did. Not there, and Vegas still wouldn't work. Went back to see if there was another site to download the file from and I saw that IE was being phased out "has retired as of June 15,2022" Yes it was after midnight last night I did this it was June 15. Edge now has an IE mode but that didn't work. My laptop still has IE tried copying / pasting wouldn't take. Closer (maybe)

Steve-L wrote on 6/15/2022, 9:03 AM

@Steve-L Sorry it's all way over my head. I did however look at the cfg file and both entries are there as shown (with nothing after the =).

I had to google NLM it didn't even say what that was but it looks like this is something a big time Network Administrator would do and I'm just on home wifi. I got as far as you and looked at the cfg file same for me. I just sent my findings to support see what they come up with. Thanks again for your help and response.

EricLNZ wrote on 6/15/2022, 9:09 PM

@Steve-L Thanks. This is worrying. I've seen comments previously about Magix/Vegas using Internet Explorer to communicate "home" for activation. Why it needs to use a browser to phone Germany I don't know. I would have thought it was just a phone call?

Anyway MS is discontinuing IE, and I assume Win 11 will in future just have Edge. So what will happen when I get a new pc with Win11, Edge and no IE? Will my VMS software and VDA not be able to activate and become useless?

Steve-L wrote on 6/15/2022, 10:18 PM

No worries besides “Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10,” So everything should go smoothly 😖

EricLNZ wrote on 6/16/2022, 12:36 AM

@Steve-L Maybe try reinstalling VMS after you've installed IE?

NickHope wrote on 6/16/2022, 1:04 AM

@Steve-L What was the thread that support directed you to (that mentioned Internet Explorer)?

Steve-L wrote on 6/16/2022, 8:44 AM

Betreff: [Ticket#2022061517000577] RE: [Ticket#2022061517000577] Can't activate Vegas [...]

Dear User, Thank you for your inquiry, we herewith confirm its receipt.

When I had it installed I got "An online connection could not be established." Gave me an option to Reset Internet settings but that didn't work.

What can I do when I receive the message "No internet connection was found" even though I do have a running internet connection?

Our program uses the Internet Explorer API for the online communication modules. Therefore, this is relevant to our program's functionality, as well as your general system functionality and security. You will need to manually adjust something in the Windows/IE Internet settings. Please go to the system's Control Panel and proceed to "Internet Options". Switch to the "Advanced" tab and find the "Security" section in the long list of checkboxes. Among other things you will find entries for the different Internet communication protocols here.

Please check whether the options TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are ticked. (On Vista, probably just TLS 1.0 is going to be available.) If that is not the case, please enable/tick these options and confirm your settings. Then try again with our program. If the program persists, please send a screenshot of the dialogue described here, showing the relevant TSL protocol settings.

Steve-L wrote on 6/17/2022, 9:41 AM

Happy Update: My Vegas (edit) Pro 19 is working! Even the CartoonRPlus which for some reason stopped working earlier. I had tried to uninstall VP19 in my efforts to fix the problem. To be clear I did uninstall IExplorer 11 from a suggestion at a clean up windows 10 website. I tried to download an .exe file to reinstall but it wouldn't take. You have to install it through Windows "Apps & Features / Optional features" and reboot. I tried last night but there was still an error - I also purchased the update to VEGAS Pro 19 I must have been using that to re install and it couldn't find Vegas edit and gave me the error. It seems in my search other people who don't have IExplorer are also having trouble communicating with the company run software. One that I saw was IBM some sort of security system for business. Anyway, it's really the only thing I changed it must really need IExplorer. Thanks for your help!

Side note the install seemed to freeze on looking for VSTi in FL Studio. Tried jump start and clicked on The icon for Vegas, nothing happened used Task Manager selected just the Vegas Icon and clicked 'suspended' that seemed to get it going again. It's all working and it was the latest build.