Problem Activating DVD Architect Studio

Jim-Davitt wrote on 5/14/2020, 3:11 PM

Just purchased a copy of DVD Architect Studio 5.0 from I previously had a 30-day free trial version which I removed via uninstall from my computer. After downloading the purchased version, every time I try to activate the software with the supplied key, the software cycles thru the same GUI stating that my old 30-day free version had expired and I need to purchase it (which I had already done). Apparently there is a piece of the original code resident on my computer that didn't get deleted when I went thru the uninstall process. Is there a skeleton key you can provide to override this problem to activate this software?


Steve Grisetti wrote on 5/15/2020, 7:55 AM

DVD Architect Studio was produced by Sony and hasn't been available since the Vegas and Movie Studio programs were purchased from Sony in 2017. I'm not sure where you bought it from, but it's a pretty old program and Sony no longer supports it.

The good news is that Magix now offers the full version of DVD Architect for $99 -- and even better, you get it free when you buy Vegas Movie Studio Platinum for $75.

vkmast wrote on 5/15/2020, 8:20 AM

See if this thread helps. OTOH, it might be also worthwhile to consider Steve's suggestion.

(The transition to MAGIX happened after mid-2016.)

Jim-Davitt wrote on 5/15/2020, 9:02 AM

Perfect vkmast. The post by Jordan-b about deleting the license from the registry works just right. Thanks for the info.

vkmast wrote on 5/15/2020, 9:06 AM

@Jim-Davitt thanks for confirming. Always appreciated.