program won't run error14

Grahame-Robertson wrote on 5/24/2022, 1:03 PM

Purchased new computer due to old computer could no longer handle the program requirements to run properly. Downloaded program on new computer. Used email notification for product serial number copied and pasted it into the last step to activate program; error 14. Went to personal data and removed old computer from devices registered (even though you can have two devices registered). Went back to activate and error 14. Read information provided for error 14 and no solutions for what I'm experiencing and doing. I don't use the program often it is for Vegas 17 Suite. Frustrated


vkmast wrote on 5/24/2022, 1:11 PM

@Grahame-Robertson you could try contacting Online Live Chat (advice here). (It seems to be available right now.)

Grahame-Robertson wrote on 6/3/2022, 4:54 AM

All sorted now.

Jack S wrote on 6/3/2022, 9:43 AM

@Grahame-Robertson It would be a good idea, for the benefit of other forum users, to say how the problem was sorted. If as a result of @vkmast's suggestion, you should mark his comment as the solution as well.

My system
Dell XPS 8700 (I know, it's a little outdated)
Windows 10 Home (x64)
3.1 GHz Intel Core i5-4440
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti display adapter
System drive Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB

SONY Handycam HDR-XR550VE

Grahame-Robertson wrote on 6/4/2022, 8:45 AM

I solved the problem by fluke really. Uninstalled the program and then switched of my computer. I went back on to the Magix site and download it again. I then did everything as I did before and it loaded.