Render error?

rstrong wrote on 11/4/2021, 7:08 PM

Hello....would anyone know what this error means. I'm trying to create an ISO file to later burn a BD.

It appears after the render section has completed. There is no recompression in the project.

File name: 00000.m2ts
Status: Vegmuxtw.dll::CTSWrapper::ProcThreadMain::This program has a bug. - m_ptsOfNextGOP is empty.

R. Strong

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EricLNZ wrote on 11/5/2021, 4:42 AM

00000.m2ts is probably the first menu and DVDA is having a problem with it. But I've no idea what the error means.

vkmast wrote on 11/5/2021, 5:00 AM

If you do a search (Find..) the forum for "This program has a bug. - m_ptsOfNextGOP is empty", you'd see threads like this one. Maybe worth trying to look for some clues at least.