Royalty free content & youtube

Eitan-Rieger wrote on 5/17/2022, 3:33 AM

I recently bought a vegas Pro 365 1 year subscription (and not an upgrade from my earlier Vegas pro 15) because of the royalty-free contents.

I used 2 songs in one of my videos and uploaded it to youtube. Now, youtube claims that "Copyright claim found. The copyright owner is allowing you to use the claimed content and will run ads on your video."

So, why is that, if I paid for those contents?




vkmast wrote on 5/17/2022, 3:37 AM

See several previous threads with comments on the topic, for example this one:


todd-b wrote on 5/17/2022, 5:51 AM

Vegas/Magix don't use the storyblocks API. They have no ability to whitelist you. Storyblocks have no idea who you are or that you paid for their product

vkmast wrote on 5/17/2022, 6:16 AM

For more on todd-b on this topic, please see this thread. A quote from his comment here: "I've seen so many false things said about Vegas based on a feeling or it would seem to make sense that people have repeated here for many years which I've proven to be false in the last 6months."

todd-b wrote on 5/17/2022, 6:21 AM

@vkmast clearly these customers are not white listed, they're never asked for their youtube channel ID via the onboarding process, if storyblocks don't have that they can't be white listed, they can only appeal via Youtube, this isn't optimal

vkmast wrote on 5/17/2022, 6:26 AM

Discussed also here

todd-b wrote on 5/17/2022, 6:34 AM

@vkmast The api has to be implemented by Vegas/Magix, so that there is a userID key. Storyblocks don't have this information so Vegas users can't be whitelisted, and this problem with copyright claims by HAAWK etc will continue, and you will continue to link people to ways to dispute the copyright.

But this is a problem that doesn't need to exist, at least with Storyblocks and the agents it uses for copyright enforcement on Youtube.

vkmast wrote on 5/17/2022, 6:49 AM

As long as the problem exists I or some of us will continue to link people to the way "supplied to [MAGIX/VEGAS] directly from Storyblocks to dispute your copyright strike with YouTube".

todd-b wrote on 5/17/2022, 7:29 AM

@vkmast Sure but you made this comment via a quote  "I've seen so many false things said about Vegas based on a feeling or it would seem to make sense that people have repeated here for many years which I've proven to be false in the last 6months."

Was there anything false that I said, why are you arguing with me and now backing down, As a mod I expect you not to antagonize and bait users in a troll like manner seemingly trying to diminish and deflect the complaint of the customer that paid extra money for the storyblocks copyright free inclusion but isn't able to monetize their content without disputing content they already paid for?

Are you ok, don't you see how disrespectful you're being?


vkmast wrote on 5/17/2022, 7:55 AM

I've stated only facts, no opinions, in my comments in this thread. The OP was suggested a solution which has worked for copyright claim issues

fr0sty wrote on 5/17/2022, 11:55 AM

Not only does the solution work, but it is what Storyblocks themselves recommend. It works, that is a fact. Whether or not you find it optimal is an opinion, not a fact.



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todd-b wrote on 5/18/2022, 12:51 AM

@fr0sty yes the manual process via youtube does work at least for storyblocks copyright agents, and it also worked for me with a false copyright claim, on behalf of a company unrelated to storyblocks, I mention there is an API that could be implemented into the Vegas website to prevent the problem.

It also allows Storyblocks to fight false copyright claimants on-behalf of Vegas users, and if i'm understanding valid complaints endpoints correctly false copyrightclaims against 1 white listed user, when successfully defended against will release all other white listed users who are using the same media now or in the future

It seems very helpful

jetdv wrote on 5/18/2022, 8:33 AM

I will say I was using an audio clip in a series of videos that was being flagged on every video uploaded. After about 5 times of this, I got tired of having to dispute it every time so I just changed the audio clip to one that doesn't get flagged. I really wish there was a way to eliminate having to dispute every video uploaded.