Sony vegas trial on new windows

AdlaneHichem-Briki wrote on 2/12/2021, 8:46 AM

Hello community!

I'm new here and wanted to ask if it's okay to install a new trial copy of vegas pro on my new windows? It's been long since i last used the trial on my last windows, but i needed to install a new one, i didn't have the intention to cheat on the system or anything, but i recently graduated so i really cannot afford to buy it rn, but 30 days is enough for me for my project, i'm learning movie making in csgo!




vkmast wrote on 2/12/2021, 8:58 AM

I suppose you'll find out if you try to install the trial. Note though the project length limitation (<2 mins) and watermarking. (Also not "Sony Vegas" if you mean versions later than #13.)

VEGASDerek wrote on 2/12/2021, 10:40 AM

@AdlaneHichem-Briki: If a perpetual license is too expensive, consider looking into a VEGAS Pro 365 subscription, which presents a much more affordable entry point into the VEGAS universe.

vkmast wrote on 2/12/2021, 11:41 AM

Indeed. Check here or your territory's version of that URL, including "de", "gb", "ca", "int" etc.). Click "Purchasing details" as well.

AdlaneHichem-Briki wrote on 2/12/2021, 11:53 AM

Thank you both for your replies, i live in Algeria, it's a bit hard here to buy via the internet, i'll try and install the trial though, 30 days are more than enough for my project, i'm sure once i start working i'll end up buying a VEGAS Movie Studio platinum

Dexcon wrote on 2/12/2021, 4:57 PM

@AdlaneHichem-Briki  ... If you will be wanting to render your project in the trial version of Vegas Pro, please be aware that rendering in the trial version is only possible if the total length of the entire project on the timeline is under 2 minutes.

Also, a project created in Vegas Pro (.veg project file) is not able to be imported into Vegas Movie Studio.

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