Will the developer update VP16 to solve "vegas process can't quit win7

lan-mLMC wrote on 8/4/2019, 5:44 PM

Will the developer update VP16 with another version to solve "vegas pro 16 build 424 process can't quit in win7"?


ram17 wrote on 8/4/2019, 6:39 PM

+1 here.. My friend on Win7 rely on wwaag kill switch script to stop rogue Vegas process. Hope they fix it soon in another build, I guess.

vkmast wrote on 8/4/2019, 6:55 PM

From here: "We have now updated VEGAS Pro 15 to ensure a more stable version. Please be aware that updating an older version will not be a regular practice."

ram17 wrote on 8/4/2019, 7:08 PM

So it is what it is then for Vegas 16.

OldSmoke wrote on 8/4/2019, 9:37 PM

So it is what it is then for Vegas 16.

I would rather say it is what is for Win 7 and VP16, it works fine under Win 10.

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fr0sty wrote on 8/5/2019, 12:58 AM

For such a minor bug that doesn't affect Vegas' performance, and is exclusive to those few holdouts who refuse to upgrade to windows 10, I don't see it happening either.

lan-mLMC wrote on 8/5/2019, 1:03 AM

For such a minor bug that doesn't affect Vegas' performance, and is exclusive to those few holdouts who refuse to upgrade to windows 10, I don't see it happening either.

It seems that if process doesn't quit naturally, the custom configuration will not be save.

fr0sty wrote on 8/5/2019, 1:05 AM

yeah, that is an annoyance, and one perhaps they will patch out someday, but considering the limited user base this affects, and the fact that you can still use Vegas the way you want aside from that annoyance, I wouldn't rely on it.

wilvan wrote on 8/8/2019, 6:07 AM

Well , it only started doing this non-stop since VP 16 build 424 and VP17 . Our nice Gary Rebholz explained it also happened occasionally in earlier versions and was therefore very difficult to solve ( which I can understand as a software developer ) . Since it now happens all the time ( just open those versions , do nothing and close those versions is enough ) , it should be way easier to track down the cause . I also read in one of the other posts same happens , but very occasionally , in windows 10 . Solved for win7 will also benefit the win10 , is my opinion , before it starts doing same non-stop in win 10. Well ...

Marco. wrote on 8/8/2019, 6:15 AM

It does not happen for me in any Vegas Pro version if there is no media used in a project. It happend to me in Vegas Pro 15 and 16 if a certain kind of media was used in a project while most other kind of media worked fine. And in Vegas Pro 17 the issue is completely solved for me. Talking about Windows 10 here, though.

vkmast wrote on 8/8/2019, 7:14 AM

To clarify, wilwan refers to this comment from @gary-rebholz

BobMoyer wrote on 8/8/2019, 8:38 AM

This extremely annoying 'feature' occurs on my Windows7 setup in both VP16 & 17. In fact, if I don't go into the 'processes' tab to manually kill it, it will not boot a second time...it hangs. Sure would appreciate some sort of fix for this other than 'Upgrade to Windows10' as that is not an option for many of us.

Kinvermark wrote on 8/8/2019, 8:53 AM

Just as a point of reference, other NLE companies point-blank refuse to offer any tech support service to users with Windows 7.

wilvan wrote on 8/8/2019, 9:19 AM

@Kinvermark : the point here is that it also happens on win10 but only under certain circumstances and that it is a long time very occasionally issue which now might be able to be solved and thanks to the non-stop win7 happenings . They might now be able to solve it , before it also happens non-stop in win 10 and make all of us happy . And by the way , Avid Media Composer 2019.7 , is still fully supporting win7 pro . Am running it here flawlessly 😉

dmitry-DS wrote on 8/8/2019, 10:20 AM

Cleaning the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VEGAS Pro\16.0  folder causes the process to freeze vegas.exe. In particular, the removal of files with the extension .bin. Maybe this is the problem Vegas pro 16 build 424, Win7?

3d87c4 wrote on 8/8/2019, 11:29 AM

Please do update V16---I've had to revert to a combination of V13 and V15.

BobMoyer wrote on 8/8/2019, 2:24 PM

"As a point of reference", I really don't care what the other NLE developers do, I only use Vegas Pro and have since version 3.0. Now there are a multitude of reasons, the hundreds of software programs I have installed and that function properly for one, that some of us do not particularly want to move to Windows10. We shouldn't be 'bullied' into a purchase that we don't need at this time. Some comments seem to portray Win7 holdouts as being just plain stubborn but in many cases it is more than that.

Kinvermark wrote on 8/8/2019, 2:31 PM

OK, but perhaps the developers also "shouldn't be bullied" into having to support antiquated unsupported operating systems with few users. Their choice of course, not ours, but it does take time/money away from other things they could be doing. IMO it's not a reasonable expectation. You clearly think the opposite.

BobMoyer wrote on 8/8/2019, 2:56 PM

Win7 is  old, true. But I wouldn't say it was antiquated or unsupported until MS completely drops it - according to MS ...."but extended support won't end until January 14, 2020.

ram17 wrote on 8/8/2019, 9:22 PM

Previous builds of V16 are working good in Win7 but after an update of the recent builds to the current one which is b424, this rogue process came. Then, right in front of the minor user base experiencing these, people say "oh your using an ancient OS, so that's your problem not ours, cause we're ok, just moved on". IMHO updates/patches should repair/fixed/refine something from previous builds because that is the purpose of it, not to cause a problem instead & if it is, then let the 'minor users' handle it themselves. Unsupported softwares are declared when they reach their EOL, still 2019 & Win7 is still there until we reach 2020. I don't want to argue here, I'm just stating a fact here my friends.