I created a Vegas GPT assistant


Petersson wrote on 11/19/2023, 6:55 PM


Knock yourself out, as long as it doesn't end up like this...



I asked GPT to design an avatar for the (already killed by me) Vegas Artificial Intelligent Assistant.

Guess Clippy is back on track right now, he has found himself a new job!

Todd-A0 wrote on 11/19/2023, 7:39 PM

I told capcut to storyboard an ad about Vegas Pro 21. It seems very generic and doesn't really know what it is, except that it's a video editor.

There is an amusing case of a lawyer who attempted to use a chatbot as a paralegal and it literally invented case law (the citations he asked for were themselves fabricated) so I wouldn't put it in a high stakes situation.

Capcut generated script again:


john-brown wrote on 11/19/2023, 10:53 PM


Very interesting. Perhaps this can serve to help guide development of such features officially. It definitely works better than any manual ever could, as you don't have to dig for the info you want, and you can ask for it to go more in-depth with the instructions than a manual may have, if need be. It would be nice if you could even get it to show you how to do certain things... like...

"Show me how to motion track this soccer ball."

I put that into Bing Chat AI thing along with ... in Vegas Pro and here is the result:

"Here is a tutorial on how to motion track a soccer ball in Vegas Pro. The tutorial is available on YouTube and is created by Dato Aliff Alex 1. The tutorial is for Vegas Pro 18 and above and introduces the new dedicated motion tracking panel which makes motion tracking in Vegas Pro much easier and reliable. You can track and send the tracking data to text, videos, photos, as well as any OFX that contain location position with a few clicks from the tracking panel 1.

I hope this helps!"

John CB

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Petersson wrote on 11/20/2023, 6:54 AM

@fr0sty @john-brown

Bing uses the same back-end as ChatGPT, but the responses are different (because there are some semantic layers between interface A and interface B and the API end-point that do differ).

But this is what GPT says;

Show me how to motion track an item, using the Vegas Pro video editing software.

To perform motion tracking in Vegas Pro, follow these steps using the Planar Motion Tracking process, which involves two effects: Bézier Masking and Picture In Picture.

Here's a simplified overview:

  1. Add the Video You Want to Track : Import the video into your project.
  2. Apply the Bézier Masking Effect : Select this effect from the Video FX window and apply it to your video.
  3. Create Your Mask : Use the Bézier Masking controls to define the area for tracking.
  4. Apply Motion Tracking : Adjust settings like precision and mode under the Mask 1 controls, then start the tracking.

Next, use the Picture In Picture effect:

  1. Add the Video You Want to Pin : Place this video underneath the first video event in your timeline.
  2. Apply Picture In Picture Effect : Select this effect from the Video FX window.
  3. Pin Your Video : Adjust the size and position to match the tracking area.
  4. Reorder Video Tracks and Check Your Pin : Invert the mask to see the pinned video replacing the original area.
  5. Copy Motion Tracking to PiP : Use Tools > Extensions > Copy Motion Track To PiP to align the motion.
  6. Manually Adjust for More Precision : Fine-tune the positioning if needed.

This process allows you to track objects even when they are not square to the camera, adjusting for perspective changes.


Please, do check this source for more in-depth information about the technique you asked for;


Tip : for a visual guide, you can find various tutorials on YouTube by searching for "Vegas Pro motion tracking tutorial video".


These tutorials can provide step-by-step video instructions, which can be helpful if you're new to motion tracking in Vegas Pro.

vkmast wrote on 11/20/2023, 8:11 AM

@Petersson regarding sources, do chatbots like ChatGPT give credit to / cite the ones they use?

Petersson wrote on 11/20/2023, 8:38 AM


By default, it gives sources / citations / etc...

And if not, you can just ask "how do you know this, where is it coming from" and than it will reply with a source.



Is Vegas Pro any good for editing audio?


Vegas Pro is highly regarded for its audio editing capabilities, offering a range of features suitable for both professional and personal use.

Here's a detailed look at its audio editing functionalities:

  • Flexible and Powerful Audio Editing : Vegas Pro provides a powerful audio editing function with high-quality, built-in effects suitable for professional use. Users can manage volume control using a Volume Slider denoted by dB and make pan adjustments with a Pan Slider. The software also allows for the control of volume for different portions of an audio file through its Audio Envelop feature【13†source】【29†source】【30†source】【32†source】.
  • Comprehensive Control over Audio Tracks : Users have complete control over audio files in each project, with the ability to edit audio volume, apply unique effects, remove noise, and adjust fade in and out options【27†source】. The software is divided into sections covering various audio track adjustments and customization options, including editing volume for audio tracks, fade in and out, speeding up or slowing down audio, reversing audio clips, noise removal, and applying unique audio effects【28†source】【33†source】【34†source】【35†source】【37†source】.
  • Sound Restoration and Noise Removal : Vegas Pro features sound restoration in its Audio FX control, although it may not perform as effectively as specialized software like Audacity for noise removal【36†source】.
  • User Experience and Professional Use : Users appreciate the complete modification capabilities for audio tracks, including adding new audio tracks, repeating them, and adding special effects to each track individually. The ability to play two audio tracks simultaneously is also highlighted as an impressive feature【14†source】【21†source】.
  • Beyond Comparable Software : It's noted that Vegas Pro's audio editing function is more powerful than what is found in comparable software, indicating its advanced capabilities in the realm of audio editing【20†source】.

In summary, Vegas Pro is highly competent in audio editing, providing a range of tools and features that make it suitable for detailed and professional-level audio work.

While it excels in many aspects, for specific tasks like advanced noise removal, other specialized software might offer better results.

However, for video projects where audio plays a significant role, Vegas Pro is a robust choice.


The "sources" are not shown in this thread, but that because it doesn't support the markup.

Every [ source ] is in GPT a link to an online reference, see this screenshot;

m3lquixd wrote on 11/20/2023, 5:44 PM

@Petersson wow man, you shouldn't have deleted it, that was a really good idea, I really wanted it to stay up :(

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Petersson wrote on 11/20/2023, 5:54 PM

@Petersson wow man, you shouldn't have deleted it, that was a really good idea, I really wanted it to stay up :(


Well it took me, litterly, less than 5 minutes to create.

But I had to deal with copyrights, so I was not allowed to publish it.

It is very easy to create one yourself, but you need a paid subscription in order to use it (I can make them for "free" because I already am a paying subscriber).

Just upload the PDF (manual) for Vegas and than the GPT sees that as his / her knowledge.

After that you can ask in human language "how to do this" and "what does that mean".

And the GPT gives answers, based on all the stuff in the uploaded manual.

ChatGPT also gives general answers, without the PDF, so everyone can try (there is a free version, called GPT 3.5).

Most basic questions are answered in a very good way, I think.

The have an API (Application Programmers Interface) so you can easily integrate a chat-form in your site (like this forum...) and then all the ansers are delivered right here.




Why should I normalize my audio and how is this done in Vegas Pro? Give short answers.

Why Normalize Audio?

  1. Consistent Volume : To ensure your audio maintains a consistent volume level throughout.
  2. Avoid Clipping : To prevent audio clipping, which occurs when volume exceeds the maximum threshold, resulting in distortion.
  3. Better Quality : For overall better sound quality, especially when combining multiple audio sources.
  4. Professional Finish : To give your project a more professional finish with balanced audio levels.

How to normalize in Vegas?

  1. Import your audio file into Vegas Pro.
  2. Right-click on the audio track.
  3. Select "Normalize" from the context menu.
  4. Vegas Pro automatically adjusts the audio to the optimal level.

Can I give you a tip?

Optionally, you can manually adjust the levels if needed, using the volume control line on the track as well.