Upgrading Vegas Pro 12 to 17 or 18??

greg-pierce wrote on 7/9/2020, 7:35 PM

I'm just trying to figure out, before I pay for the upgrade, whether or not an upgrade version of the software will work for upgrading from 12 to 17(actually 18 with the current offer). It's not clear to me whether I need to have version 16, or whether any previous version will work for the upgrade. Thanks in advance. Maybe I'm being stupid.


john_dennis wrote on 7/9/2020, 8:09 PM

Log on to the Magix Service Center,


enter your Vegas Pro 12 serial number and make the purchase.

Nothing ventured, you lose the time that you spent thinking about it.

greg-pierce wrote on 7/9/2020, 8:33 PM

Okay. I started going through the checkout process, but it wasn't asking for my serial, so that's why I wasn't sure. I don't want to have to return it.

greg-pierce wrote on 7/9/2020, 8:47 PM

Further, I logged in to my account and it doesn't show my vegas 12 registration, but when I try to register it, it says it's already registered. The odd thing is that if I log in to sony creative site using the same credentials, it shows my vegas 12 registration and serial number along with all the same products shown on the magix site. It's just not showing on the vegas 12 on the magix site. Is that a problem for my upgrade? Can we fix my magix account to reflect my vegas 12 serial?

RogerS wrote on 7/9/2020, 11:22 PM

I think you should try contacting customer service directly- this is just a user peer help forum. They should be able to fix this issue for you.

vkmast wrote on 7/10/2020, 3:21 AM

You might also try Online Live Chat. See here section 6.