Why Buy Vegas if Resolve is Free?


vkmast wrote on 2/27/2019, 1:59 PM

their claimed retail price (I have never actually seen it at retail)






DesertSweeper wrote on 2/27/2019, 3:14 PM

With Magix is there is no "pull-date" - it's a perpetual myth

zdogg wrote on 2/27/2019, 3:17 PM

With Magix is there is no "pull-date" - it's a perpetual myth

I am so triggered by that! Thanks for the 'head up!"

DesertSweeper wrote on 2/27/2019, 7:52 PM

It matters not if you are sarcastic about their questionable pricing, their pricing is forever questionable. Others do not do that. I have only found Magix playing that game in this space. I have spent hours scanning vendors and found this game only with Magix. They are simply fraudulent, no matter how you want to spin it, or accept it.

DesertSweeper wrote on 2/27/2019, 8:00 PM

Oh lordy, now they pushed the price by another 50 bucks and extended their "promo" to "Feb 27th" - which ended....yesterday. Oh and dropped the "regular" price from over 1k for the suite (yesterday) to $799. What a company...awesome - straight up! Love the consistency

zdogg wrote on 2/27/2019, 8:52 PM

I don't know how old you are @DesertSweeper, or if you've ever been in business, but software prices are always a bit volatile, especially when you're in a field with "giveaway" offers from the competition. Second, the seller can always change his price, and if it is to the benefit of the custormer, where is your beef? Somebody got it cheeper. Yes, all sorts of people download and use it without paying for it, you don't seem too bothered by that idea, they all got it cheaper as well. Most companies offer "soft" prices to institutions, for multiple users, for students, for teachers, are you all upset about that as well? Sheesh, that, to you, is "questionable business" and a fraud.....you've got to be joking.

Magix has been much more solid over the years on its "professional" line, i.e., Samplitude/Sequoia, especially Sequoia, which used to be, solidly, a couple grand, but market pressure dictates a lot of this, and Samplitude has also had to adjust to the new realities, especially in the face of thousands of studios closing worldwide, and the proliferation of Reaper and similar. Magix did use a lot of "cut prices" for their more "consumer" line of products, and to me, Vegas is sort of in the middle.

I don't see a lot of people joining you in this "let's shame" Magix campaign.


DesertSweeper wrote on 2/28/2019, 3:05 AM

I am 52 years old and run my own business - very successfully for 30 years now - in IT.

Again you mistake my words. The issue is simple, they claim an inflated "list" or "retail" price that just never happens. They make it seem that you are getting a great deal - hurry up and avail of this amazing offer before it is over...and then...its not over. Again...and again. I have no doubt they catch people regularly this way. It is just dishonest. Simple.

I am not on any "shame" rant here. I am calm and simply stating my views. Don't forget that i am customer who has spent $900 with Magix already.

vkmast wrote on 2/28/2019, 4:58 AM

they claim an inflated "list" or "retail" price that just never happens.

Not true.

Dexcon wrote on 2/28/2019, 5:10 AM

They make it seem that you are getting a great deal - hurry up and avail of this amazing offer before it is over...

But isn't that the market in general these days?

Some time ago, I heard an economist explain that there is now an expectation that almost everything is on permanent sale. It stems from the GFC after which companies had to offer really good deals for quite a few years in order to maintain some form of cash flow, even if profitability wasn't as good as pre-GFC years (even so, many companies went under). Consumers got so used to almost perpetual sale prices, that the sale price expectation became - and still is - the norm. Even today, look at all the retailer 'junk mail' and email advertising - its's all based on "on sale" - if it's not brand A, it's brand B or C. If brand A is not on sale right now, it will be again in a few weeks.

MAGIX is no different in this respect as many of their customers are individuals (sole traders or hobbyists), not proprietry companies. Also, it should be noted that plug in providers often have sales which are often extended, sometimes multiple times.


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zdogg wrote on 2/28/2019, 4:40 PM


As I mentioned, there was a sort of two tier approach at Magix, one for the consumer stuff, which you would by at places like Fry's or Best Buy if you wanted some budget program for audio or video to compete with Pinnacle and so forth, and then they had a couple of high end programs which they did not waver, but the market changed. It's not like they are "shady" business people, that is just the market space they find themselves in. Adobe got the same sort of criticism for going subscription only, these companies do what they feel will keep them afloat and relevant and they change strategies and fairly frequently now.

DesertSweeper wrote on 3/1/2019, 3:29 AM

A company is free to sell their product at whatever price they want, just as we, the consumer, are free to buy it or not. They are free to go subscription-only, and we are free not to subscribe. I have no beef with any of that. But I stand by my original statement that Magix is a company of questionable business practices. They are clearly breaking EU law through the sustained inflating of the apparent retail price in order to encourage consumers to purchase so called “limited-time” offers, that never run out of time. Magix is headquartered in Germany, a member of EU: See Section 3.4 of the relevant laws. But EU laws aside – it’s just a bad practice, in my opinion

But I am aware of this practice and ignore it, unlike others who come to them with fresh-eyes and wallets. No for me, as I said before, they lost my loyalty when they offered me a free upgrade to a recently purchased product, and then changed their mind a week later and “disabled” my upgrade through an activation server.

As to the question by the OP, I have downloaded Resolve and am now running Vegas 15 pro side-by-side with that, learning both. Who knows maybe I land up using both, since it seems there are features in Resolve not available in Vegas v15 that I believe I will need, like motion-tracking. I can see already that for a quick-and-dirty project Vegas it is just quicker - to my way of working. But I suspect in the long-term that will change.

vkmast wrote on 3/1/2019, 3:55 AM

Some background re "a free upgrade offered". And you might want to read the thread through.

DesertSweeper wrote on 3/1/2019, 7:17 AM

Yup I opened that thread - and there are other similar threads.

Dimitrios wrote on 3/17/2019, 12:35 AM

Sony did the same thing with perpetual sales so its not unique to magix. The buy in price for pro usually was 500ish without any upgrades. My first version of pro i paid 300 during a promotion that gave movie studio users a better upgrade price. The cheapest I've seen a current version go for was 100 for pro 12 upgrade from a prvious pro version for one day on 12/12/12.

zdogg wrote on 3/17/2019, 11:01 PM

All of the "majoring in the minors." You don't like the business model, don't buy. I like the product, though it's not perfect, it works better than others. Part of the reason for some of this criticism centers around the idea that Magix is, obviously, an international concern, and different countries have different economies and differing legal structures vis-a-vis doing business, and taking all of that into account, (or because one is not, perhaps) the criticisms here just ring a bit "pissy."

YES, the "deals" do vary country to country, sometimes, sometimes not. Let's get over it, bottom line, the company NEVER gave me less than good service. They always were gracious when I contacted them, or when they contacted me, many times directly (I used to be a month to month, "Sam for Rent" customer, for a few years, and if my credit card number got changed, leaving them with no payment, they were ALWAYS very good about that, and even gave me a special buy out arrangement, which they absolutely did not have to extend, but they did.)

Those exchanges, always polite, always personally friendly, left me with a very "GOOD TASTE" in my mouth about Magix generally. Yes, things change, and the customer can and should "push back" when he feels he's not getting fair treatment, but MAGIX does respond positively to all of that, according to my experience.



juanpc wrote on 3/18/2019, 1:32 PM


ive tested different Video Editing Softwares, for a year,
Edius does Not allow multi-boot Hard Drives... No Go.

Final Cut Pro has a very nice 3rd party plugin to search audio in video files with text, Avid also has a similar... also can be used to load files Compressor4 cannot understand, and Compressor can make a Render Farm very easy..

MediaComposer was weird to use, but its compatible with old hardware like Matrox MXO2 Max.

MC since v8.4 requires a CPU with SSE4.2, old Opterons 61OO, and old QuadCore Q6600 does Not install / work anymore...

Time Stretch Videos in Resolve was better than Vegas last time i tested...
for example: having a 240fps video file, usually playback at 24fps in RealTime, but Video can be stretched to play real 24fps "play each frame individually, Slower than RealTime".


Editing videos in Resolve was easy & intuitive, Final Cut Pro and MediaComposer was a nightmare...

but... Editing Videos in ProTools HD12.7 is better, sadly requires a very powerful computer...

what i didnt liked about Resolve was the limited Audio Editing,

for example, when Editing an improvised video for YouTube, you can edit using the video as a guide or the audio as a guide... usually audio is the guide when improvised.

but audio can only be cut/split in video frames, in Resolve,

instead editing the video in ProTools HD, with the audio as a guide is way better, Video can be cut/split in audio samples, audio frames, time code, bars & beast. etc...

Resolve editing is coarse, PTHD can be detailed / precise / fine.

MediaComposer & ProTools in theory should be the same, but PT is way better for editing...sadly requires a better Hardware than Resolve.

i opened an UltraHD 4K h264 video file at 6kbps in ProToolsHd12.7, and played back in real time to NTSC & FullHD with Matrox MXO2 Max hardware, No problem. Matrox does RealTime Scaling if frames are compatible between different scales, does Not reframe the video, like Video Transcoding can is just video scaling.

The good thing about Vegas is that has the Sony XAVC S coded that is the best h264 ive seen so far, 100% compatible with YouTube timeline preview window... "when you move the mouse over the red / grey timeline, appears a small peek preview window of that video in time." in some videos with compatible codecs...

Resolve has QuickTime h264, usually also compatible.

ProTools also has QuickTime video export.

for cut & paste video & audio editing ProTools HD 12.7 is way better,

for Video Effects, Transitions Resolve is Better.

last time i tested Vegas had problems with 32-core machines, only allowed 16-cores, and had to be manually forced opening a secret configuration menu with control+shift+mouse click in settings, and edit Threads value...

last time i tested Vegas 12/13 maybe 14, was Not True 64-Bit app, thats the main symptom..

20-cores & 4GB of Ram is the limit of 32-Bits, if requires Visual C++ x86, etc...

Resolve is true 64-Bit,

ProTools HD 12.7 likes Faster cores more, than more cores but slower.

OSX vs. Windows, i like both, i have both, but OSX requires modifications to make it work with better video card...

Editing Videos on iPad Pro, seems interesting, but needs workarounds to load Sony XAVC S files,

seems that RISC technology works better for editing video than x86_64 CISC technology.

but i havent done a proper test side-by-side, with same files, same editing, same export.

suhaib-siddiqi wrote on 3/18/2019, 7:20 PM



what i didnt liked about Resolve was the limited Audio Editing,

for example, when Editing an improvised video for YouTube, you can edit using the video as a guide or the audio as a guide... usually audio is the guide when improvised.

but audio can only be cut/split in video frames, in Resolve,


I assume you are talking about Resolve 12 or earlier. Resolve 14 had Fairlight merged, and it was further enhanced in Resolve 15.x. You can also use third party VST plugins, although the Studio version comes with a few built in VST plugins.

Rainer wrote on 3/19/2019, 2:39 AM

Getting back to the initial question, most current Vegas users probably will continue to use Vegas - it's mother duck. Comparisons without knowledge of the current versions of either are pointless. The problem for Magix is that new NLE adopters faced with a learning curve for either Vegas or Resolve will opt for Resolve. It's hard to argue against free, once users are hooked they're hooked (to mix metaphors) and so I can only see support for Vegas dwindling.

Dimitrios wrote on 3/19/2019, 10:32 AM

my dream would be for vegas and hitfilm to become one program and that it also be the industry standard so i can stop missing out on work because "Requirements: Proficiency using Adobe Creative Suite". I've been learning after affects but I really dont wanna use premiere or photoshop plus I hate adobe and only use AA because it can do things hitfilm cant.

gary-rebholz wrote on 3/19/2019, 10:42 AM

Does anyone else here get the feeling that this discussion is endless? Here are a couple of my thoughts for you to chew on.

Not everyone loves VEGAS. No surprise. There are good reasons to consider the competitor's NLE. Resolve is quality software, and it's free. It's tough to beat that price. If you're driven by price, then "free" can perhaps overcome many things you don't like about the software. It seems like an easy calculation. Just figure out whether the difference between free and the price of VEGAS is your most important motivator, and if it is, go get Resolve for free. You'll do well using that software.

As I lead the development of VEGAS into the future, here is what I'm focused on: There exists a passion for VEGAS that enables it to survive even though it's not free. How do I learn to understand that indefinable passion that so many have for VEGAS and our alternate way of doing things? How do I connect with that passion and continue to nurture it by pushing development in the direction that will keep that passion alive?

I don't know what motivates them to give their software away for free. But I do know what motivates me to want to make VEGAS better and better. It's the passion of those I see here on the forums, Facebook, and elsewhere who love nothing more than to share their knowledge and explain to others why VEGAS is so important to them. It's not about free or not free for those people. A fair price is not too much to pay for those who have that passion.

In the end, I want to see you make great video productions. I love seeing what you guys do with our product. That's what has motivated me to devote the past 20 years of my career to teaching you how to use it, and to making it better and better. I value creativity above nearly all else. Creativity brings joy and innovation to an often times bleak world. I may not have the power of that creativity in me, but through our work with VEGAS, I can at least feel that I have had some small part in enabling you to bring your incredible ideas and creations into the world. I like to think that in that way maybe I've helped make the world a more beautiful place.

That is my motivation for sticking with VEGAS. And that, I hope, helps sum up why so many users stick with VEGAS version after version even in the face of our own technical glitches, our shortcomings, and competitors' free offerings. From my perspective, the most creative people I can imagine pay for VEGAS because the software gives them freedom of creative expression in a way that is totally different from any other product. That passion is unique. That passion is inspiring. That passion is beautiful.

I want to bring more of that to the world.