[Release] VEGAS Pro 16 – Powerful video production & audio editing


francis-leitner wrote on 10/15/2018, 12:55 PM

upgraded to 16 and now my Bcc Title studio has watermark saying it's a trial version and I need license. Worked fine in 15 but now it says same thing in 15. used serial # and it still doesn't work. Help!


gamehits wrote on 11/4/2018, 12:56 AM

SUGGESTION: any chance you'll EVER and I mean EVER fix the broken ASIO driver issues??? just sayin'...

ngjb wrote on 11/4/2018, 3:56 AM

Instead of new features, I would focus on making a stable product which it is not. I purchased an upgrade to Vegas on 11/2/18, installed it, watched it crash 5 times with a project consisting of a 17 second video clip, uninstalled it and requested a refund all on the same day. I have been using Sony Vegas since version 4 and this is the first time that I was so frustrated after purchasing software that I requested a refund. I did check online for solutions and this community and the feedback from the majority of people did not give me any confidence that this was even close to being a stable product. The best thing I can say about Vegas 16 is that it did not uninstall Vegas 14. I had both version 14 and 16 installed on the same PC. Version 14 worked without any issues, version 16 crashed repeatedly. Many people/cheerleaders on this forum are playing with trial versions and are happy to become beta testers and are spending hours/days troubleshooting. But expecting people to pay for this product in its current state, no way. For me, Vegas 14 is much faster and much more stable. The Windows API has been around for decades now and the OS is very stable. Applications should work for the vast majority of people right out of the box and they do for the vast majority of Windows applications which is why I was shocked at how unstable Vegas 16 is and wondered how it was ever released in this state. The fact that there are so many videos on YouTube instructing users how to mitigate crashes/lockups should be seen as a red flag. New features mean absolutely nothing if the basic application is unstable.

Just being honest here.


gamehits wrote on 11/4/2018, 8:48 PM

waves vst plugs are not loading graphic interface in build 307

ItsHyperComplicated wrote on 11/18/2018, 9:26 AM

Did I just waste ~200 EUR AGAIN for yet another Vegas Pro update that doesn't deliver?

I mean, I'm an old SCS Vegas Pro Closed Beta Tester ... And, surprise, surprise, the very first time you try to start the program, it crashes! The SAME BUGS, version number after another, are still in there somewhere. Yes, I just bought this fine update yesterday. Now I actually got it running after trying every trick in the book.

I.e. The VST plug-in handler crashes and goes haywire upon start-up; the same problems that have persisted for multiple version numbers now. Except that at some point, even Sony handled VP's startup in a better manner. YES; I have ran this, that and the other "solution" from the FAQ's, including, for example the "/NOVSTGROVEL" switch (which actually made it possible for me to load the program all the way thru ... to the basic window view.

Then I try ProDAD's "wow-factor-included-in-VP16" Vitascene 3 LE. Upon adding it to a project that has one single video clip in it, merely adding the ProDAD VitaScene3 LE = crash boom bang. Whole VP crashes.

You really ought to set your priorities straight and fix the old bugs before you implement a single new feature. Just saying. Then again, I've only been using Vegas and other software in the same category when it was still under Sonic Foundry (before Sony even bought the company), so "what do I know", right?


andreas-georgiou wrote on 11/21/2018, 4:45 PM

A very interesting lockup, use screen mirroring to TV via Roku 2, playback in full screen, best full resolution, GPU off, unable to start stop playback using space bar (as usually), left click on screen displayes message to press escape to exit full screen preview, unable to exit full screen using escape key and as the full screen Vegas preview overrides other screens I could not even switch over to task manager to close, any ideas?

Brauliojn wrote on 11/29/2018, 6:19 PM

I was testing the new version and it is definitely much better and everything flows faster great job Vegas team

Zefberg-M wrote on 12/3/2018, 12:46 PM

Hi Mathias !

When we have support for Canon Cinema RAW Light (CRM) video files in VEGAS PRO 16 ?


stonyfield wrote on 12/8/2018, 3:40 AM

I am a beginner at Vegas Pro and in a process of learning. However, I have used Corel VideoStudio for about ten years and accustom to using the plug-ins of BCC 3D Objects. A week ago I bought a new laptop computer and tried to install Vegas Pro 16 Suite into the new laptop. After the installation I find that all plug-ins of BCC Key & Blend, BCC 3D Objects are not shown up. I bought Boris FX Continuum - 3D Object Units only for Vegas Pro 16 Suite even though this FX is included in VideoStudio X10 which I have. Is there any way to use this FX in my Vegas Pro 16 Suite?