Tim L wrote on 6/28/2018, 9:12 PM

I got an email today with the "buy 15 now and get 16 for free" offer. (I'm a hobbyist, and still using Vegas Pro 13.)

Anyway, the email indicated Vegas Pro 16 would be released at the end of August, and would include built-in motion tracking support. The bullet points for 16 (below) were clickable links, but they take you to the current Vegas Pro 15 page.

Check out this incredible 2-for-1 Offer! Simply purchase VEGAS Pro 15 today and get Version 16 for free as soon as the software is released at the end of August 2018. You can be guaranteed that with the new version, video editing will be revolutionized!

VEGAS Pro 16 comes up with the most innovative features:
» Industry-leading image stabilization
» Built-in motion tracking
» Powerful workflow for creating 360° video

Combined with VEGAS Pro 15's rich feature set, such adjustable UI appearance and instant Freeze Frame, you'll turn your workstation into a powerful video editing machine. Work more efficiently than ever before to save you time and enhance your creativity.

Later on the email contained another section about VEGAS Pro 16 mentioning HDR support, "Tiny Planet OFX plug-in" (and much more!):


VEGAS Pro 16 will be released in the Summer of 2018

...and you can expect:

» Industry-leading image stabilization and motion tracking
» Full support for Hi Dynamic Range (HDR)
» Tiny Planet OFX plug-in


fr0sty wrote on 6/28/2018, 9:27 PM

HDR? Motion Tracking?


BruceUSA wrote on 6/28/2018, 9:29 PM

No mentioned of 6k/8k supports and no mentioned of advance color correction. Vp V16 needed to be a lot more then just a few feature upgrades.

fr0sty wrote on 6/28/2018, 9:33 PM

They aren't going to be able to implement HDR support without showing the color tools some love, so don't lose hope. They also say there are many more unannounced features. They are announcing new features, not improvements to old ones.

fhu wrote on 6/28/2018, 9:54 PM

Thanks TimL -- Motion tracking and Image Stabilization is key for me... as long as they're pro level.

glovercover wrote on 6/28/2018, 10:49 PM

VegasPro 16 Box

Reyfox wrote on 6/29/2018, 2:01 AM

Interesting. I have posted in the past about having motion tracking. Stabilization is nice, but not necessary for "me" since I use a tripod a lot. HDR too, not too high on my "wish list".

Unless the upgrade is at a killer price, I'll wait to see what happens when others do the upgrade.

I didn't see anything in my mailbox..... 😟

Former user wrote on 6/29/2018, 4:53 AM

Well, if you already have VP15 + Mercalli, not a lot to jump up and down about.

dream wrote on 6/29/2018, 4:56 AM


i hope they read our threads on vp16 wishlists and make vp great again

Dexcon wrote on 6/29/2018, 7:03 AM

Well, if you already have VP15 + Mercalli, not a lot to jump up and down about.

@Former user re stabilisation, that's right. In my case, I use Mercalli 4 SAL and much prefer it to plug-ins.

But what I find intriguing is:

 Industry-leading image stabilization and motion tracking

Is motion tracking to be 2D or 3D? 2D (like BCC's Match Move) would be good, but 3D (where a Mocha variant is used - like in AE or HitFilm) would be brilliant. I only use the Boris examples because Boris would surely be considered to be industry-leading. We'll find out on VP16's release.

Notwithstanding stabilisation and motion tracking, the VP16 teaser says ….


I'm looking forward to find out more about VP16 on its release.

Former user wrote on 6/29/2018, 7:20 AM

@Dexcon Agreed. We will just have to wait. I mean, if you have VP15, you probably don’t need a second copy and the upgrade price from VP15 to VP16 in say August will be about the same price as this special offer. For those that skip a version or two Magix would need to flesh out the VP16 a bit more to get those users to jump right now, marketing blather is one thing, hard facts quite something else.

fhu wrote on 6/29/2018, 7:55 AM

@Dexcon couldn’t agree with you more.

Former user wrote on 6/29/2018, 7:00 PM

For fun I went as far as basket for edit only and pro version and only 1 item shows in basket, no mention of free licence?

zdogg wrote on 6/29/2018, 9:15 PM

For a multimedia company, let's (Magix, come on!!) get a Forum/web site that is not slower than molasses in January, that would be nice for starters. Samplitude/Sequoia is MUCH FASTER. AND speaking of going out on a limb>>>>........
......Look for motion tracking to be some sort of Mocha plug in, which already exists for Vegas, and which is also included with After Effects. Really high quality, with just not all the complete bells and whistles, so it is more than a 'teaser' just to get you to buy, but less than the whole enchilada....and yes, they do want you to buy the full Mocha and it's not cheap.

fr0sty wrote on 6/29/2018, 9:57 PM

Well, if you already have VP15 + Mercalli, not a lot to jump up and down about.

HDR support means better color tools, which Vegas has been sorely needing for a LONG time. Motion tracking means being able to do advanced color correction with moving masks, etc... this is far more than adding stabilization to what we already have.

Some of you may not yet find HDR useful, but it is breaking into the consumer scene already... Some phones record it. Pro-sumer cameras record it, Davinci Resolve grades it (Premiere and AE claim to but do not, they kill the HDR in the encode process), you can buy HDR TVs for $400 at 50''... within 5 years it will be standard much like HD is today, you won't find a set that doesn't support it on the market. I say best to stay ahead of the curve. It is something that takes a bit of practice to get the most out of it, as my experiments with grading it in Resolve have proven.

In my market, which is mostly online delivery, the most popular delivery format (Youtube) already supports it.

Former user wrote on 6/29/2018, 10:38 PM

......Look for motion tracking to be some sort of Mocha plug in, which already exists for Vegas, and which is also included with After Effects. Really high quality, with just not all the complete bells and whistles, so it is more than a 'teaser' just to get you to buy, but less than the whole enchilada....and yes, they do want you to buy the full Mocha and it's not cheap.

The basic version of mocha in after effects is very useful & for most motion tracker needs the paid version is never required. It's not a butchered 'shareware' type version where you can't do most tracking without paying extra. What is extra is image stabilisation, removal module, VR video manipulation, 3d camera solve but none of that is directly related to basic tracking, what you do need is the tracking adjust module, but it's in the free version.

Only little obvious niggle is that for free version they disable GPU for tracking, making it a slower process. That's the only thing I see as deliberately removing a feature to make you pay for full Mocha when all you need is basic tracking


zdogg wrote on 6/29/2018, 11:58 PM

Absolutely correct, excellent tracking and different splines for your masking. Really terrific and easy back and forth integration with AE (have not tried Vegas version) so I would imagine that would be great as well. Of course, masking a moving subject usually requires multiple masks and AE handles that deftly with multiple layers, so upon re-import of your finished tracking you have one mask per layer with alpha channel manipulation on each - and maybe your ambitions would be less elevated with Vegas for those reasons, but, who knows how that will be implemented, might be just as good.

Former user wrote on 6/30/2018, 5:16 AM

Some of you may not yet find HDR useful” .. Correct. Maybe it'l be more successful than 3D glasses and the tvs that came with them, maybe not, personally I dislike the hdr look. I'm not changing my non-hdr tv any time soon. Different strokes for different folks.


Reyfox wrote on 6/30/2018, 5:38 AM

@JN_ that is how I feel. I know some people might still be on the 3D train, but TV set makers have abandoned it and no new sets will have 3D. As for editors with it, a lot of resources (meaning money) was spent on having the latest "buzzword" as a part of the editing software. HDR might have a future, but not now. Computer HDR monitors are extremely expensive too.

At this moment, and foreseeable future, HDR is not in the "books" yet for me. I'll wait for it to be more "mainstream" with a solid footing in the consumer world.... like when every TV will have HDR as standard, and the cost of monitors drops to where 4K are right now.

Former user wrote on 6/30/2018, 5:53 AM

Yes Reyfox. I do love the Vegas program and of course any and all new improvements/additions I do welcome. I just feel that if Magix wants some earlier adapters to pull the trigger on an unknown new feature set for VP16 that they should give some more detail, marketing waffle doesnt cut it for me.


vkmast wrote on 6/30/2018, 6:11 AM

Isn't it all "marketing waffle" as in "need to take their word for it" until you are able to test it for yourself?

Former user wrote on 6/30/2018, 7:09 AM

Well, not really. I mean if more detail was given in the “Marketing waffle” then a person could make a somewhat more educated decision of going early. Its not not taking Magixs word for it as much as if the new feature products are suitable for a users needs. As I have said above if you have a need for the second VP15 then its a compelling offer. Testing is of course ideal, but if I see attractive specs. in the new product, i'm usually happy to live at the bleeding edge until by about the third update they get ironed out.

Of course I understand the need to not show your hand too much when promoting the new version, a fine line has to be drawn, all I'm saying is for me its a little too opaque.

Chief24 wrote on 6/30/2018, 8:02 AM

Well, its good that there is discussion about "VP16". Though, incorporating new "features", ala Ad**e, is not what I would expect. What I would like to see, is the progression of the Magix team, to provide further improvements and STABILITY over everything else. Reminds me of how the "computer DIY" industry kept trying to "adopt" all the "Gee-Whiz, Gotta-have, next Gen" features. So, now we have WAYYYY TOO much RGB, SATA Express that never got us anything (even though it was touted for the "professional"), USB 3.1 Gen 2 (yeah, couldn't just call it USB 3.2, thanks Marketing gurus!) that is on a lot of newer motherboards waiting for adoption by case manufacturers and hardly any devices to utilize that speed (at least Apple does utilize Thunderbolt).

I would much rather have awesome hardware acceleration support (which I see extensively asked for throughout the forum), stability and performance with actual file import and rendering (though, the camera manufacturers have to take a lot of the blame for this {file types especially}), ability to work on projects with sizes to support the future like 6K/8K and beyond (not stuck at 4096x4096). Oh, and probably put what actual minimum computer specifications should be (not generic like "Supports Intel Core i3 and higher..." "AMD equivalent" "supports latest NVidia and AMD...". You get the idea. We all see it, and constantly see the "frustration" from "new users". Not saying we need to go back to the old days of requiring some "Sun Microsystems" SPARC based 512bit processor and Gazillion-BYTE hard drives just to render One Minute of the newest Disney/Pixar animation picture.

So, me, personally, and it is only my "two-cents" on this, is go for stability, speed improvement with what we have, drop some of the "headache-prone extras", then look at adding "Gee-Whiz" features (still prefer to let Ad**e do that to really rile up their customer base!), and see if our great Magix Team can make even DaVinci Resolve look like it runs slower than molasses!

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Kinvermark wrote on 6/30/2018, 11:12 AM

To each his own, of course. For me the greatest challenge is not speed & reliability (I work with it daily without problem). My greatest challenge is managing large amounts of media on the timeline in an efficient way. So I need (want 😀?) those "ghee-whiz" new features.

Motion tracking is a nice addition, but not one I would use on every project.