VEGAS Pro 20 New Feature Descriptions (includes the latest update)

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 8/10/2022, 11:24 AM


Many users have asked for detailed help and descriptions of the new features made available for VEGAS Pro 20.

If you'd like to learn about the new features — download this document here.

We will also make this document available through the VEGAS Hub window inside the application soon.

Best regards,

The VEGAS Team


Mike-Jackson wrote on 9/13/2022, 12:58 PM

I have tried multiple times to get the new Vegas Edit Pro 20 to download and EVERY time I enter my credit card information, I get error message and it won't process my payment. The error message says to use a different card...tried multiple cards to no avail. I have a huge video project to do and Magix will NOT answer their customer service phone number for the U.S. I have used different browsers and that doesn't work either. Can anyone help me get this download? Thank you, in advance!

PS: Today (9-13-22) is the deadline for the introductory offer.

vkmast wrote on 9/13/2022, 4:35 PM

@Mike-Jackson please see your own Post here:

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VEGASDerek wrote on 10/19/2022, 8:55 AM

This has been updated for build 214.

Doug-Wilson wrote on 10/27/2022, 3:22 AM

That document,(VEGAS Pro 20 New Feature Descriptions) is excellent.

I've not found any issues with this latest version of the software, well done!

des-condon wrote on 11/9/2022, 5:47 PM

What is Hub Explorer (Beta)? Am getting response "Not connected to Vegas Hub."

What is Vegas Hub? Interesting. Is it going to be beneficial to me in my future project in Vegas Pro 18?

Thank you.

EricLNZ wrote on 11/9/2022, 7:02 PM

@des-condon My understanding, unless it has changed, is that Vegas Hub is only available in subscription versions.

des-condon wrote on 11/9/2022, 7:20 PM

Thank you EricLNZ for your speedy response. If Hub Explorer is only for subscription I'm wondering how it appears beside Explorer on my system which is not subscription? Does it appear on everybody's system regardless but will only be activated for those on subscription? Just curious. I doubt it is an earth-shattereing extra. Regards.

RogerS wrote on 11/19/2022, 4:29 AM

It should appear on all systems and has things like tutorials linked through it. Paid features like stock footage or cloud storage won't be available though.

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Dell XPS 15 laptop (2017) 32GB ram, NVIDIA 1050 (4GB) with latest studio driver, Intel i7-7700HQ with Intel 630 iGPU (latest available driver), dual internal SSD (1TB; 1TB), Windows 10 64 bit

VEGAS Pro 19.651
VEGAS Pro 20.411
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Try the
VEGAS 4K "sample project" benchmark (works with VP 16+):
VEGAS Pro 20 "Ad" benchmark (works with VP 20+):

walter-i. wrote on 11/19/2022, 4:34 AM

It should appear on all systems and has things like tutorials linked through it. Paid features like stock footage or cloud storage won't be available though.


VegasUser wrote on 11/21/2022, 4:56 PM

I would like to propose a change.
In Vegas pro I use "Normal Edit tool cursor" (ctrl+D)
When i want select multiple clips , need to press "D" to change on: "Selection Edit Tool"
Ok and next, I want fade some clips, press 2 times "D" , and next select some others clips (press again 2 times "D") , and next, and next.

80% times when i work on vegas i press "D" on keyboard.

Normal Edit Tool - when i want select more clips , the cursor, make the same action, when i press "Envelope Edit Tool" (read - 1 press "D" ... )
so. Normal Edit Tool , and Envelope Edit Tool do this same.
Why Normal Edit tool cursor cant select clips. No need every time press 2 times "D"


EricLNZ wrote on 11/21/2022, 6:48 PM

@VegasUser You've posted in the wrong thread as this is for a description of new features. Please copy your post to here

VEGASDerek wrote on 5/2/2023, 3:01 PM

Updated for build 402/403