Future ProResRAW support


cliff_622 wrote on 5/22/2020, 7:06 PM

We can now add ANOTHER camera to the ProResRAW world this week. ZCamE2

Seemingly the new Sony FX6 will have raw output for recording ProResRAW as well as the current Sony FX9.

Also,..there is talk about the new Lumix GH6 will also have HDMI raw that Atomos will record ProResRAW for too.

Before 2020 is over, we will have probably 5 or 6 even MORE cameras that can output raw over HDMI that will be used to record ProResRAW.

Vegas folks....any comments on this growing trend?


The team is aware of it, and are working on it. It may come soon, it may come later, but just know they are well aware of the need to support it and are doing all they can to make it happen.

WOW!,...thank you! You just gave me "hope"!