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Marco. wrote on 8/6/2019, 5:00 AM

"Is there any way to quickly copy my preferences from version 16 to 17?"

Which preferences?

Happy wrote on 8/6/2019, 7:00 AM

Trimmer in VP 17:

The ruler, scrollbar, and zoom controls are not accesible. Not possible to drag the horizontal splitter between the video monitor and the Trimmer timeline to adjust the height of the timeline...

Trimmer timeline VP 17:

Trimmer timeline VP 16:

Marco. wrote on 8/6/2019, 7:05 AM

Confirmed. You can't even zoom via right-click.

VEGASPascal wrote on 8/6/2019, 7:34 AM

I have tested Vegas 15 and 16 and 17 on a reference clip with a LUT applied. It is apparent that there is almost no difference in render times between Vegas 15 and 16 across the board with respect to rendering on any combination of my Core i7-8700K and an AMD RX580 or an NVIDIA GTX 1070ti or the built in iGPU

However they have been rather busy it seems, on Vega 17, which is now vastly superior.

So for Vegas v15 and v16 and v17:

For CPU only renders I get 22:16 and 22:40 and 14:57 - a very good improvement

For iGPU renders I get 11:46 and 11:09 and 4:52 (amazing improvement - no add-in GPU!!!). 15 and 16 used only about 20% of my iGPU but now uses 60%

For AMD renders I was not expecting an improvement as the GPU was already maxed out in 15 and 16 at 100% so now I get 4:42 and 4:41 and 4:40 showing the RX580 is indeed a bottleneck (100% across all three). More than likely one would see an improvement on the Vega cards. Will try to get my hands on one.

NVIDIA will be the interesting result as it was yielding 4:17 and 4:23 with only 10 to 20% CPU usage so plenty headroom for improvement there. Unfortunately I returned the borrowed GTX but will get it back tomorrow to see if they have optimised NVENC further for 17 also

Just for the hell of it I ripped a cheap and nasty Quadro P400 out of an NVR and threw it at them to see if there was any improvement using the cheapest of cheap Nvidia's and I get: 13:44 and 14:01 and 9:31

So yes they have worked on NVENC optimisation too...

@DesertSweeper Thanks for those numbers. We have recently seen a comparison video on Youtube (with very good results in VP16), but also your comparison to ourselves shows a very good trend. Hope you enjoy VP17.

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 8/6/2019, 7:43 AM

thank you for the information ! pretty sure you're not allowed (lol) to answer this, but as someone possibly interested by Vegas effects, is it the right moment to upgrade to Vegas Pro 17 or better is to wait the release of Post to see the crossgrade price or any possibility of that kind (i'm only interested by the video Effects additionnal software).

To everybody who wants to buy VEGAS Pro 17 and is asking if they have the possibility to later upgrade to VEGAS POST:

As soon as VEGAS POST is released, you can reply to your order confirmation of VEGAS Pro 17 and you will get VEGAS POST (of course you have to pay the difference).

musko wrote on 8/6/2019, 9:26 AM

@VEGAS_CommunityManager and what about Vegas 365 subscription? Is any way to add features of Vegas POST to add to the Vegas 365 subscription?

Former user wrote on 8/6/2019, 9:37 AM

@VEGAS_CommunityManager or @VEGASPascal

Where is the new Intermediate lossless render option to be found, thanks?

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 8/6/2019, 9:42 AM

@musko If you want to have VEGAS POST as a subscription you will have the opportunity to purchase one once VEGAS POST is released. Adding features of VEGAS POST to VEGAS 365 is not possible.

Barton-Santello wrote on 8/6/2019, 11:03 AM

In this new release (17), were there any additions/improvements/mods to the AUDIO side of the program besides 'audio synchronization for multi-cam' mentioned in the release notes? Otherwise overall, looks like some great new features and updates - Thanks Magix and the Vegas team!


thiago-m wrote on 8/6/2019, 11:07 AM

Too bad I thought it would be possible to create several different timelines within the same project with different resolution and formats, a suggestion would be some mark in the thumbnail of the clips already used in the timeline for a better organization and not risk repeating files.  One last would be individual color for the clips and not only for the track, it would help a lot in editing and organizing too, but congratulations on the evolution so far.

eikira wrote on 8/6/2019, 11:35 AM

so far i am not impressed...

but i just tested 2 things in about 5 minutes only, so i did not investigated deeply into it but still here is what i criticize:

1. the screencaptering tool. so i press on record, stop, export this so far for me not obvious what to do with it .cap file. now what?.... this should be way more clear and accessable with the captured stuff.

2. i opened vegas pro 17, imported a prores 4444 testfile (uhd 25fps). so far so good. changed it to hdr (performance than in vp16 is clearly encreased, but still not usable as a fluid workflow. most usable 'Draft on Half' about 15fps with a 9900k and rtx2070), saved the project. now when i open the project directly vegas crashes on opening.

Problem Description
   Application Name:    VEGAS Pro
   Application Version: Version 17.0 (Build 284)
   Problem:             Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005)
   Fault Module:        C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 17.0\vegas170k.dll
   Fault Address:       0x00007FFC2A796E85
   Fault Offset:        0x0000000000516E85Fault Process Details
   Process Path:        C:\Program Files\VEGAS\VEGAS Pro 17.0\vegas170.exe
   Process Version:     Version 17.0 (Build 284)
   Process Description: VEGAS Pro
   Process Image Date:  2019-07-30 (Tue Jul 30) 04:16:54

if i open vegas pro 17 and from there open the projectfile, it seems to work... which for me as just a user makes no sense what so ever...

Komaryt wrote on 8/6/2019, 1:11 PM

I have Vegas 15 Pro - is there a chance to upgrade that to Vegas 17 Edit? Or I should had Vegas 16? :(
I like new color grading view but I miss some features which are in DaVinci and color wheels are too sensitive little mouse movement and colours change too much can't use it more precisely.

Second thing which I am not impressed and I am dissapointed is new optical-flow slow motion - that works so bad for me. Even I have still scene when I was not moving camera Vegas is making strange squares or pixels on moving frame it is not great too but overall I want this for color grading! :D some more updates and everything will be fine

Marco. wrote on 8/6/2019, 1:25 PM

"I have Vegas 15 Pro - is there a chance to upgrade that to Vegas 17 Edit? "

Usually this works. You will find out when you type in your VP15 serial for checking the upgrade process.

"color wheels are too sensitive"

As same applies for every Vegas Pro control: Hold the Ctrl. key pressed while adjusting the Color Grading controls.

"Second thing which I am not impressed and I am dissapointed is new optical-flow slow motion"

My finding is contrary - I like it better than the 330 € Twixtor plug-in. Results aren't worse. But optical flow technology isn't the perfect tool for any kind of footage. This is for Vegas Pro, for Twixtor and for any other kind of optical flow slomo tools out there.

vkmast wrote on 8/6/2019, 2:21 PM

Re upgrading, the text below pops up when you click "Information regarding the upgrade" on the product page with the "Upgrade" purchase option on.

"You can upgrade at a reduced price with a previous version or other authorized product. Please have your login details or serial number ready."

(Only one upgrade per serial number is possible.)


HeavyMetal wrote on 8/6/2019, 3:24 PM

Any improvement to how it translates RED r3d file color into the editor?

Marco. wrote on 8/6/2019, 3:38 PM

No updates to RED support.

set wrote on 8/6/2019, 4:45 PM

... color wheels are too sensitive little mouse movement and colours change too much can't use it more precisely

> Hold Ctrl while dragging in the wheels.

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HeavyMetal wrote on 8/6/2019, 4:49 PM

No updates to RED support.

Bummer...thanks for reply

Greg-Kintz wrote on 8/6/2019, 6:53 PM

Any update yet on if V17 can handle 180 3D VR? A number of cameras now offer this, and while I can utilize Evo's free 5.7k 180 3D editor, obviously would prefer to use Vegas.

(Not trying the free V17 trial yet after reading about the issues, but am sure Magix will soon fix those)

vkmast wrote on 8/7/2019, 6:17 AM

The FAQ section 1. Trial version now updated by @NickHope to include "Direct links to trial versions" of Vegas Pro 17.

iggy097 wrote on 8/7/2019, 9:23 AM

Is there a bug report section? NVENC will not render, and you can't even open up Vegas without uninstalling Boris Continuim first.

Have no problem rendering NVENC with a Quadro P400 4K-25@24Mbps on Wndows 10

It appears it is a bug that if you use a previous custom template this occurs. If you modify your previous template in any way (just adding 1 to a bitrate or something) you can render.

D7K wrote on 8/7/2019, 9:15 PM

Problem with Screen Capture. RX480 video/GPU 8 Gig and HDMI to 50" 4K TV. NO screens show up in Screen Capture, attached an image, had Vegas PRO 17, Power Point, and Word running.

Someone else has gotten the same screen. Since Vegas run fine it must be a error in the screen capture program.

Marty111 wrote on 8/8/2019, 5:35 AM

Does it support windows 7 ?

Marco. wrote on 8/8/2019, 5:39 AM

A quote from the web site:

System Requirements

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 10 (64-bit)